LC6000 Jog not working

Just received my two LC6000s to pair with the SC6000s and instantly hit issues with one out the box.

Luckily the place I bought them from has been absolutely brilliant and on the ball sorting me out.

What’s been the general fix here? Repair/replacement? I tried it with Serato, Djay Pro and with the upgraded firmware released today and still persists so assuming hardware.

I also seem to be getting similar issue to what was described here… Regarding touching the side and it scratches instead of nudge. Platter issues

Any ideas?

Could it be a bad USB cable? Just an idea…

Already thought about that after a while. Tried a new USB cable with and without the power supply connected and also tried the unit in a entirely different building.

The unit is now getting collected today for repair/replacement from Denon, so I can’t complain.

I just created support ticket 129803. I am having this issue with a brand new unit out of the box.