LC6000 and Traktor Jog display, once again


new LC6000 user here. While it was absolutely no problem to make the TSI files for all 4 decks to work properly with the LC6000 I am highly disappointed about the missing Jog display.

It seems that neither company does care a lot about it (NI and Denon) to implement HID functionality. The question is why. It is only a JOG screen not a full fledged screen with a lot of infos to implement like the SC6000.

Why does this interest no one and it is moved between the two companies as if no one is responsible.

Second thing : If it will not happen from the companies one could do it on its own. But : If Denon hides away the necessary SysEx messages to access the display also this will never happen.

Why is this such a secret? It is just a screen. Can there maybe please an update for developers of the MIDI specification with the necessary SysEx descriptions?

I would be grateful for a reply on that, at best with reasons and explanations why something is done, or not done in this case.

For me it is not to grasp really.


The device isnt supported by Native Instruments, it’s that simple. Serato and VDJ have supported it, NI haven’t.

Weil if you read my message it is not that simple. Because in the end it is just a MIDI controller, which is “supported” if you want on any platform. But if Denon does hold back information on how to access the screen this is not the fault of NI. So not simple at all.

If this information is available one can take care of it. This is simple

No its really is that simple, its not officially supported so its not going to work to its full capacity… the end.

And to top it off, if you’re a Traktor user, why the hell are you buying unsupported products then coming to a forum to complain about them not working as you expected. Just buy hardware that they have listed on their website as official hardware.

I’ll never get my head around the mental gymnastics people will use to justify an incorrect purchase decision. Would you buy motorbike tyres for your range rover?

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Research before purchase

Not after

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The display output format for Traktor is open source. The user base for Traktor and denon hardware just hasn’t been large enough for anyone in the community to put in the work for it.

I’ll never get my head around people who are, yea, like you. Why don’t you care about your own problems then instead of bashing completely useless comments. I am not responsible for your lack of understanding of the issue. It is not “officially” supported, yes. It is a MIDI controller, as I said already, nothing more, nothing less, but with an incomplete MIDI specification.

a. I justify nothing and do not try to justify anything. Because I knew it and simply can give it back. b. It is not that simple, as Denon has the specs for it but doesn’t open the full MIDI spec for the device. Because Sysex is just that, a MIDI message.

Same to Pasha… I knew that before. And I can give it back, no problem.

Aside from that for you know-it-alls, this is the quote from the official Denon FAQs : " Please register your interest in the LC6000 area of the forum if you would like to see official Traktor support in the future"

@Myalteredsoul : Thanks. One has to know the Sysex messages for the display on the Denon side, and only Denon has these. It is just missing in the MIDI spec, because this is no full MIDI spec what they deliver if this part is missing. To term STU-C words, it is really simple as that.

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Everyone on Beta Team has access to that info. Not gonna elaborate more than that.

The dev issue comes down to translating one to the other. As it stands currently, you would need a piece of software sitting in the middle (Like Bomes), until NI decides to add an API specifically for the LC6000’s.

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@Myalteredsoul : Ok thanks for that hint. I will try to get access to it.

And yes, that was exactly my idea to hang Bome MTP in between the two then and send the Sysex messages from Bome to the LC as long as no official solution exists. Which might be never :slight_smile:

Then do it, if this entirely cosmetic feature makes the product entirely un-DJ able with by yourself.

InMusic have said, in more than one occasion, if the feature that you want does not feature on a product -straight out of the box- then do -not- buy it.

I’ve not seen or heard any InMusic advice which said “if you’re unable to DJ with a product because it doesn’t have x, and you thought it “probably” did, then still buy it then make 25 posts per day to try and guilt-trip InMusic into providing the feature, effectively queue-jumping your minority feature ahead of feature requests which would benefit more users, more often, more effectively and more efficiently.”

Any form of “A works with B” usually needs a fudge of a lot of collaboration between companies A & B. Traktor has had an unfortunate and infamous lack of display control, indeed the “simple” (lol) task of getting traktor to drop-feed artist name and song title info to appear and scroll across a players display used to drag the whole system down with excessive latency. Similarly traktor had all sorts of issues making some banks of LED arrays (like bouncing VU meters/Audio ladders) on devices. Native instruments often had to get their assets into gear to change traktor with a patch or x.xx release telling hardware manufacturers to then re-write perfectly fine code, to match those traktor patches and fixes.

Virtual DJ/Atomix and, to a lesser degree Serato, have both collaborated with Denon DJ throughout the Prime development. If Native instruments have, there’s nothing to show for it, so far.

By all means swing some guilt-trippin’ around in Native instruments camp, although they don’t seem to have shown much interest in DJs or DJing in the last few years.

Aside from that, keep the primes as they are, with everything displayed on laptop screen, and/or Primes rectangular screens* (*on full primes), or sell them.

It’s just a case of doing what’s right for your abilities and/or needs.

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Well the accusations you get in just one thread here are literally amazing. I hope you don’t expect me to drop into this… Is this a joke or what? Now it is guilt-trippin…

a. I said I knew that is the case when I bought it

b. If I buy literally an expensive MIDI controller, which the LC is, I don’t need “official” support for anything, because it is a MIDI controller, right? I can do anything with it. It does not really matter for anyone if I use it for photoshop or for steering my toilet seat.

c. I just said I am disappointed, not that this is a showstopper, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Because I knew as said.

d. In regards to b. I’ll expect a proper spec when I buy a MIDI controller. This is my fault, I did not check that the sysex needed to access the display is not specced like at all.


Read back your opening comment, it amounts to nothing more than a rant.

Anyway now it’s just a game of working out who created the latest dupe account, funny how all these random niche ranters just ‘appear’ as Denon users one day throwing accusations around left, right and centre :thinking:

I read some facts, some questions and a very friendly ask for a reply for reasons. As said I am not responsible for any issues you personally have with this.

That’s all well and good, however different models of anything … be they controllers, microwaves, or those steerable toilet seat that you mentioned will all have certain extras and deficits between models.

Not an issue, just the way things are

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You’re highly disappointed that a function of a device that isn’t supported by your chosen software doesn’t work? At what point of your apparent purchase journey did this ‘high disappointment’ hit you?

Given the jog display doesn’t do anything with the officially supported software vendors and only has limited functionality when connected to the native SC players, what exactly are you expecting?

Yep, real friendly.

Again, real friendly, making accusations without having facts to back it up. Nobody outside of the two companies knows what discussions have been had.

“Denon hides away” more accusations.

Again, making assumptions.

Dont understand this line.

No, you’re wrong, it isn’t just a midi controller. The device was designed and manufactured as an add on device for Denon’s SC line of media players, namely the SC-6000 with which it shares the same footprint. They also partnered with Software companies to allow it to control their virtual decks, 2 of the 4 main vendors have gotten on board with this, 2 haven’t, that decisions lies with those companies, not Denon.

You’re also asking for additions that aren’t actually present on ANY of the other options, as they are as follows:

SC players - playhead position, artwork, loop length.

Serato - Serato logo on screen, playhead position.

VDJ - album art, playhead position.

Traktor - device not supported.

Rekordbox - device not supported.

As far as functionality for DJing goes, the LC-6000 works perfectly with Serato and all core features are covered, from the performance pads, loop encoder, track search bar, platter, pitch fader, browser dial. The lack of screen interaction is a complete non-issue in real world use.

To top it all off, why didnt you just use your existing account to create this post, why create a new one?

What has a missing/not given out specification to do with deficits and/or extras? There is no missing functionality. It is just not specced for the user. That’s a bit sad for a MIDI controller, which it is, it doesn’t matter what STU-C wants to make out of it or the intention why it was built. It is a MIDI controller, and it is acted like this is something bad I say about it. Uhh. It is just a fact

@STU-C Lol Dude you are talking of accusations? You accuse me since the beginning of things that are in your head only. And now I am also using a fake acoount? I bought my LC yesterday I never had an account and I will never have one again, that’s for sure.

Yea Denon does not provide the information, seemingly. If it is no secret what is it then? Things that I asked in my first post. To top it off, you have some serious problems seemingly, for real. but as said, don’t put that on me.

And it does not matter what the device was designed and manufactured for and the idea behind it. It IS a midi controller. End of story

Also from the official Denon page : “…however, the LC6000 is a USB MIDI controller and can be manually mapped to any DJ, DAW, or other software that supports MIDI mapping”

Have you created an account on the Native Instruments forum to ask them why the device isn’t supported? Im sure they will provide you with a swift answer and hopefully a solution to your issue.

If not, return the item and get your money back then buy something that does work with Traktor natively.

Also, leave it out with the ‘dude’ nonsense, it’s not California, circa 1994.

Ah good, glad we got to the solution.

Hundreds of words, concluded by less than twenty.

Move along, move along

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Also from the official Denon page : “…however, the LC6000 is a USB MIDI controller and can be manually mapped to any DJ, DAW, or other software that supports MIDI mapping”

So I’m curious: your manual mappings work, but it’s an issue that you can’t use the jog display to display artwork and playhead position? An issue that to my knowledge doesn’t plague users of the current generation Kontrol S4 (or any user of anything that isn’t a Kontrol S8 or D2) that also has no jog display area?

Yea Denon does not provide the information, seemingly.

I’d be curious to see if Pioneer DJ provide this info for the CDJs…my guess is no, and I’m too lazy to search for myself since I don’t care.

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