Привет всем любителям денона. У меня проблема с knobs. Прилагаю видео, правда оно на русском языке, но я думаю и так все будет понятно.

На картинке waveform записанного, слева работа knobs denon prime 4, справа работа knobs DDJ-400. Получается в момент сведения происходит перегрузка.

Hello to all lovers of Denon. I have a problem with knobs. I am attaching a video, although it is in Russian, but I think everything will be clear anyway. In the picture of the waveform recorded, on the left is the work of knobs denon prime 4, on the right is the work of knobs DDJ-400. It turns out that at the moment of mixing, an overload occurs.

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What’s the EQ Type settings? ISO or Normal?

settings ISO, but the pioneer is also ISO.

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And the firmware version?

1.6.2 version

Tested with other type of files (mp3, wav,…)? Analyzed in Engine Prime?

tested for mp3 and flac

The shown difference is the digital untouched signal and the processed signal. As soon as the EQ is touched, it will change to a sort of analog processing.

Are you running audio from prime4 in stand alone or is it mapped to rekordbox dj for this test?

The ddj400 is software only dependable and a true test is to run the prime4 in rekordbox dj midi mode and not standalone.

To me it looks like signal processing from 2 different sources and poss full DJ mixes??

Prime 4 Vs Recordbox dj sound processing spectrum.

Recordbox dj version looks compressed. Was the limiter on in the software as no dynamics are seen.

The sound is reproduced only from prime 4. The right graph is given for a visual comparison with the DDJ 400, on it I turned the knobs in the same way and there is no overload.

I found out what happens in dj mixers Allen Heath and RANE in ISO mode.

It’s not an overload as there’s 18dB headroom in Prime4’s recording.

…but why on earth is the signal on the meter increasing when he’s turning the EQ down - and so slightly?

With such a small adjustment I’d expect the meters to remain the same, and maybe drop off as the EQ is cut more. Going up is the last thing I’d expect.


I didn’t say it wasn’t weird. The X18x0 has (had) the same issue. Maybe in ISO mode lesser than Normal mode, don’t know exactly. The problem is that when a digital signal is changed an “analog dynamic” goes active.

See one of my posts in oooff 2018… :wink:

It is clear that this is not an overload. Prime 4 records audio -9 db. But when this is superimposed from 2 channels, then when listening it will sound like an overload in frequencies and the mix does not sound as clean as we would like. This is even more noticeable at high volumes.

If a 0dBFS track is played at 0dBVU, Prime4 will record those at -18dBFS max, unless FX-ed or EQ-ed. So anything more than -18dBFS in the recording, is a track that was played too loud.

I do hope the MP3’s aren’t mastered or maximized at 0dBFS btw. That’s a no-go, bad and could result in muddy mixes. Most tracks nowadays are brick limited tbh with squared/flat sinus waveforms.

I can’t argue about the fact that it should sound more clean than like you stated. Haven’t had a Prime4 here for a long time and the Prime2 is in its box atm, so cannot test this.

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Why this amazement of yours? You mean your Prime 4 doesn’t play this trick when you turn the equalizer knob?

Mine makes this joke from at least firmware 1.5 onwards, I had made a report of this strange fact and asked if others had happened but no one answered, so I thought I was too fussy.

This joke is more visible in the mixing phase: I adjust the gain to light up the first white LED of the new track a little, then I turn the bass knob all the way to the left and at that moment I see the upper white lights that light up (sometimes two white LEDs light up and sometimes three white LEDs), even if I haven’t changed the gain setting. After mixing, I bring the bass knob back to the center and the level indicator LEDs light up again as they did when I made the initial setting. I’ve accepted it by now, but I don’t like it at all: it doesn’t make sense.


I only just noticed this myself too.

The Channel LEDs increase if I knock out the low, mid or highs - the complete opposite of what you’d expect.

Haven’t logged on in a while but did so today to see if others had the same experience & then I saw this.

This has to be a bug because apart from being illogical, it sounds a bit muddy too.

Will Denon see this as an issue & work on a fix ASAP?

I noticed this too. Clearly a problem, for sure.

Both my X1800 and X1850 have this as well.

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I don’t think so, as there haven’t been many customer complaints.

This is the link to my post made a few months ago, but the original thread dates back to September 2019!

I would recommend that you go and write in that thread and reopen it.