Added a comment. Quite frustrating because as you say, this was brought up in 2019. It is clearly an issue & it would be nice if someone from Denon could acknowledge it & try to investigate.

Yes, the curious fact is that few of us notice this problem. Maybe many guys mix without even touching the equalizer knobs? Or they adjust the gain before turning the equalizer knobs (as I do), but then when they see the white LEDs light up they don’t make any further adjustments.

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I tested this today on my P4 and it’s doing it for sure, it explains why I have seen odd peaks in my recordings when I look at them in my wave editor.

I can confirm this odd behavior only occurs with the “EQ Type” set to “Kill”. It appears to work ok when set to “Norm”

Should I be reporting this to Denon somewhere? “sorry I’m a bit new to all this”

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