Key and BPM information not shown in playlist

Hello fellow Denoners,

I am running v2.0.2 on a pair of SC6Ks. One of the players has an SSD drive and they are networked together using ethernet cable and a simple Netgear hub. I mostly use Tidal for my sets. I pre-analyse my Tidal playlists before a set so I can see the BPM, key, etc in the playlist view.

If I view a playlist on the primary deck (i.e. the SC6K with the SSD drive inside) I can see the key and BPM information OK.

However if I view the same playlist on the secondary drive, I cannot see the key and BPM information. Even if I analyse the track on the secondary deck, it does not “remember” the key and BPM information.

The secondary deck is connected to both Tidal and the SSD drive (via the Netgear hub) and can see the tracks on the drive.

This issue only seems to be with Tidal playlists. The secondary deck does display key and BPM information for the tracks stored on the SSD in the primary deck.

In a nutshell, the SC6000 cannot read Key and BPM data from a shared drive, it only works if the drive is installed into the player itself.

Has anyone else seen this? It seems to be a bug as it was ok with V1.x

Edit: also just noticed that some tracks have a 1 star rating next to them, and I have never used the star rating system so where is that coming from?

Try adding any type of storage media to the other player, usb stick or sd card.

Does that mean I would have to analyse all tracks on both decks? In other words, I would have 2 libraries?

Hey @RobFrancis - Quick question: Have you selected the local drive as a source before using Tidal on Deck 2? If you switch to another playlist or collection on the Deck 2, then back to the playlist with Tidal’s streaming tracks, the BPM and key info would should then be displayed after a refresh.

Yes each time I turn on the Sc6Ks, I select the internal drive as a source (on both decks) and then connect to Tidal.

Refreshing the playlist (by clicking out and back again) works on the primary deck but not on the secondary.

I just updated to 2.1 as I saw in the release notes that it addresses the issue. Unfortunately, when I turn on the secondary player (the one without the SSD) I get this error after selecting the SSD in the Source list:

It says:

“Problem opening JSON. [json.exception.parse_error.101] parse error at line 1, column 1: syntax error while parsing value - unexpected end of input; expected ‘[’, ‘{’ or a literal”

And still no key or BPM on player 2.

I have rebooted a couple of times.

I take it back . . . key and BPM info is now showing on both players after analysing (need to refresh play list thats all).

Although I still have this JSON error (on secondary player)

Remove the reporttags.json file on the source drive.

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Deleting the reporttags.json file did not remove the error message. The file is re-created after the SC6000 has rebooted. I have deleted it three times now and it just keeps coming back, as does the error message

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Same here :grimacing::grimacing:

See here JSON Error on SC6000 after 2.1 update - #17 by JWiLL