Jog Wheel Rotation Resistance Production Variance

So this is “by design”?

I had three units with three different resistances. Two of them had this “notch” and one was more or less fine.

Yeah, i also had 3 units with three different resistance. One of them i send back, because at a heavier tension settings the platter would spinn free except for 25% of the way arround. Even the two units i got now feel different. On one of the player you can really feel then resistance change with every click of the tension knob, on the other player it is pretty much free spinning till the knob is over the mid point, lets say the last 1 or 2 clicks.

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Just posted this in another thread but thought it would fit here too:

I opened my player today because I had to swap out both the cue button micro switch and the button itself. It was a hell of an operation and I hope none of you have to do so soon. While the unit was open I wanted to investigate on the varying platter tension too. What I found didn’t make me all that happy. There was a lot of abrasion of the plastic break which regulates the tension inside the whole player. The problem with the varying tension results in the break shaving off layers of plastic of the jogwheel in an uneven way because you usually move the platter back and forth within a small region instead of turning it 360° all the time, which would result in equal abrasion. What helped was a proper cleaning and some grease. I achieved a much more equal feel especially in the higher tension settings, which i prefer. That being said, my deck is’t that old, neither used a lot. Broken buttons and worn out platter break at this point worry me a little…


How’d it look inside? I’m slightly used to the CDJs inside and they’re very easy to deal with in there. The SC5000 a rats nest or easy to get in and out of without automatically screwing stuff up? My newest unit seemed stuck and completely un-lubed in there when I first tried it. My first thought was it needed grease.

I found it pretty hard to dis- and reassemble the player, but then again I’m no technician or anything. I can post some pics I took if you are interested.



Yikes. There was no simpler way of just opening it up and flipping the top back on something soft to get at the jog like on a CDJ? Those pics definitely make me not want to open these up if that’s required. One of the reasons I think 1200s and CDJs have become such a “standard” is because of how easily they can be repaired. IMO they’re not quite as bullet proof as some claim, but they’re surprisingly easy to fix. 1200 has big traces. The CDJ parts are not usually expensive and are easy to get at.

Nope,complete disassembly necessary to change the switch. Even further than shown on the pics.

BTW: I also found a wifi and Bluetooth antenna in there… Future updates?!

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And for cleaning/lubing the brake assembly?

Also a complete disassembly. See that big nut in the middle on the last pic? Thats the only point of connection to the jogwheel and has to be loosened for servicing.


BTW: I also found a wifi and Bluetooth antenna in there… Future updates?!

Seriously ?? a bluethooth antenna ?

If it is on a printed cirkit board that is a generic or multi purpose type board already exist as a whole board sometime it is easier of the manufacturers to use such board just for some of its several purposes

I mean as example that denon might have of a general pcb from a hifi cinema surround receiver that gives to the hifi Bluetooth and wifi and a color display LCD driver but they then can use that pcb it another device for just the pcb LCD color display driver features instead of designing whole another sub board.

Maybe it drive platter colour display screen only ???

Didn’t Denon DJ ask for user suggestions on what these connections could be used for on the forums? I remember seeing a post like that months ago.

More than a year ago it was already confirmed to be in the unit after FCC certification. So it’s definitely not news, but still not yet implemented.

It was not only printed on the board but there was physical antenna inside the unit. Yes the board is probably not an original design since there are also some unused connectors inside which have no cables attached. But the antenna is in there. We will see.

Could you imagine if they did go full wireless? It would be a huge slap in the face of Pioneer (They claimed to have wireless compatible players leading people to think that the players themselves were wireless, when they were only wireless using a wireless switch… which you can do with ANY Pioneer Link compatible player smh)

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Why should it be a slap in the face of PioneerDJ? The wireless modul on the Mainboard of the SC5000 isn’t activated. DenonDJ does not have Software today to connect with the SC5000. Right now this is dreamland and I think there are other priorities for Engine Prime before this might be even considered. With PioneerDJ you can do all this today with the rekordbox App and a 40$ wireless router to connect with the CDJs. For DenonDJ it makes absolutely sense to implement Bluetooth and wireless capabilities into the devices from the very start. But without knowing the Roadmap it is not possible to know if it is on and if yes, by when we can expect this. It would be interesting to know if the X1800 got wireless as well….

I get where he’s coming from. If Denon ever implements any of this wireless stuff, it does make Pioneer look bad considering there was a little misrepresentation of the Nexus line’s capabilities. You’re right, though, that Denon currently can’t even connect the players to Engine Prime, even over Ethernet for track offloading. I would also mention they’re not even universal HID/MIDI controllers yet like the Pioneers. But the future looks bright!

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This. There were (since deleted by mods) a boatload of threads in the pioneer forums from people who purchased the nxs units thinking the wireless was built in.

And you are correct, we have no clue what Denon’s roadmap is, but its never to late to implement updated technologies in hardware if the hardware is already there.

Bluetooth jogwheel ?

Where would any DJ put if not on player where place alleady ?