Its official: XDJ-XZ

Some of the features you really like could be added software based into current Prime 4 also. Make sure you make or like the requests and they might get added.

This could be in the on screen interface and could even be more advanced than the RX this way, like i.e. 7 band EQ instead of high/mid/low… or displayed EQ curve.

This could be added into the menu where you can find Mic attenuation

This is also possible by adding it into settings

Unlikely that this will happen for Prime 4 l, but technically it could be done trough the menu also

The bigger jogs and more backlighting off course could not be updated software based :slight_smile:

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The prime 4 is superior and a truly 4 independent channels, it is more if they put the promised support of stagelinq to the mcx8000 even this old model would be a better option for many than the pioneer for both price and performance

A lot of these reviews and comparisons between the p4 and xz rarely mentions that the prime series can read rekordbox drives.

Hard to agree. I used prime series on many venues and all sound engineers are very positive about prime series against pioneer. They mostly complain about high frequency spikes and muddy bass from Pioneer.

I think Firefox is just a troll with a bad bad case of Prime jealousy, who thought that the pioneer XZ was going to be some amazing state of the art machine with more processing power than prime, then when the XZ was released (from circa 1995?) and turned out to have the same processing power as a custard tart Posts reported to admin

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You’re only quoting one guesser, who, once you read more than a few of the posts just assumes and says what if, a lot

High end roll of and sound overall was addressed by a firmware update. So a year ago you would have some mass to your words but quoting a guesser after the addressing firmware update really leaves your words as empty as a pioneer control is of features :slight_smile:

Better luck next time.

Or if you’d rather not leave things to luck - buy a prime

Backed up by actual tests, not guesses. The high-end roll-off was not entirely fixed and the 100X more intermodulation distortion on the players compared to Pioneer was not addressed at all.

Not provable faxts though

On our computer or phone screens, we can watch x-wings blowing up a giant space station, plant like creatures staging people off to the upside down in stranger things , blood sucking creatures turning into bats, people from Krypton flying around and shooting lasers out they eyes, and then we can look your pretty graphs.

Video or still anything can be faked by anyone for any reasons.

You can blabber on all you want making completely pointless references, but all you have to do is run RMAA yourself over SPDIF and prove me wrong… in other words show that the numbers drastically improved on the IMD results for 44.1khz tracks or that the response traces now have no roll off. I produced evidence that could be repeated by anyone or disproved and you produced nothing. My results, at least for the frequency response traces, were consistent with those from several other people. There was also another user in those links who ran sweeps over a spectrum analyzer and showed the distortion harmonics being generated. So you acting like this is a one-off is misleading to readers. Anyone can follow those links and repeat what we did. If someone can show that our methodology is flawed, I welcome it.

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You’re the minority in your slur news

No one else here, myself included m, has to do anything. We play our Primes to our dancing customers and all those around them dancing fun and no complaints.

I could tell the difference between high end roll of and no high end roll off after the firmware release. But there’s nothing else wrong left, detectable by humans and humans are all of us and all of our customers.

Well that’s false, but it’s a free world and you can believe what you want. Everytime you spout that misleading info, though, I’m going to call you out on it. Free world and all.

You’re a bit out of line here. High-end roll-off was proven and could still be better after the fix. Not only by Reti but also by me and others.

I don’t mind your opinion, but calling it fake is simply nonsense. We’re here to make the product better, not kill it.


If you wanna not sound like you’re incapable of handling evidence and don’t want to admit to just being too lazy to check it out yourself, you might want to just say, “it’s not important to me” and leave it at that. That’s a respectable comment. This other stuff you’re doing is not.


… and i give a tip, and this for all here: Back to Topic please? :roll_eyes:

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The firmware did slightly improve the high-frequency response compared to the old firmware, particularly more so for 96khz. It did nothing to the distortion harmonics that are tens of dB louder on the Prime players (look at the sweep video) than Pioneers when changing the pitch fader with keylock Off or the IMD measurements for 44.1khz tracks. There was a slight improvement to the IMD measurements for 96khz tracks, but that appears to have been due to some even more substantial defects in processing for higher sampling rate tracks compared to lower sampling rates than the processing maladies that are common to all sampling rates currently on playback.

They were thinking how to give a 4 channel mixer standalone but not losing sales on their nexus or xdj… absolutely ridiculous, it’s a poor attempt and as many people said before they will sell it because it’s pioneer

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There is no danger for Pioneer in losing sales for Nexus. Nexus players with a chosen mixer offer a setup of separate components with the option to upgrade any of it at any time and repair, if need be, only the faulty component, while a full integrated system, like XDJ-XZ, PRIME4 or MCX8000, do not offer any possibility for hardwares upgrade and in case of a failure is game over until the whole system is repaired. It is up to the user which setup serves his purpose. In an integrated systems there are so many components prone to failure, especially if the quality and durability check policies are not enforced upon the manufacturer. Sadly, we are dealing with a plague of poor quality control policies and sometimes lack of respect for the end user in every product we buy today, because many people look for cheap deals and sometimes they lie themselves in order to justify buying cheaper. My wish for Denon DJ is to be something different, out of the box state of mind, not being afraid of the concept “built like a tank”, playing in their own league, together with customers support and feedback and the road is set for greatness. Strive for perfection!


The all in one problem is usual . It’s cheaper to make and to buy all in one because as some part can be share part like power supply , the processor, the graphic unit, the displays or display , connectors

But if one small bit break on all in one then you have lost everything to the repair center

Yes. My MCX8000 was away for nine weeks then another two getting repaired.

I ended up buying a second one as a spare.

Well said @Canaris

And honestly what’s mostly sad about the QC is that it ultimately lets down the hard work and dreams of so many people who built the product from the ground up.