Its official: XDJ-XZ

I passed through many of denon gear after the pioneer.

The first was the s3500 which still my past favorite. Then I went for the hc4500 which I had some great sets using Traktor studio 3 (b4 it went to pro). Then finally the dns1200 which I’m thinking of getting again just to play CDs. After that it was no more denon until the 5000m which brings back the good old times of dj’n for me lol

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Yeah CD’s sure are a great medium. I have a huge CD collection and Roxio titanium toast Pro for burning to disc. Bought myself one of those LG M-Disc Blu-ray/DVD/CD burners awesome I can playback audio and video files I burnt to M-disc on my Sony UPB-X800 Ultra HD 4K Wi-Fi blu ray/DVD/CD/M-disc player.

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It does have a qwerty search function

I stand corrected on qwerty (just saw it). You can also record your sets to USB. With that said, It’s hard for me personally dropping $2300 U.S. on it.

something none of the reviews show is loading up an un-analysed track from usb. That would be interesting.

Well since we are comparing:

Record master Prime 4 XDJ-XZ
USB Master record Yes, trough touch interface Yes, button
Record to chosen source Yes, all sources can be selected No, only USB2 slot
Pause/Resume recording Yes No
Track markers/Split in record No Yes
Visual record lenght timer Yes No
Clear/Discard record Yes No
Record Save as… Yes, direct on device No, 3 auto digit number
Direct access recordings Yes Yes
Output file Wav Wav
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From what I’ve seen and read it has to be processed by Reckordbox

I guess what I’m asking is, does it load the track without a waveform & bpm etc… or doesn’t it load it at all?

As it reads (if I’ve read it correctly) everything has to go through their software before. Unlike the P4

It should load a track direct from USB.

Rekordbox is only needed for waveforms etc

Thats my experience with other Pioneer gear eg CDJ 2000 NXS etc.

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I was just curious as to whether it detects bpm & gradually builds waveforms like the 2000’s do when un-analyzed.

If memory serves me right. As you play the track it builds the wave. But you have to play it through.

I know for sure you can play unanalysed tracks - I have done it numerous times playing for performing artists who don’t send their tracks prior to the show.

Those situations I don’t care about BPM though.

You can also set cues on the tracks

I tell ya. The one thing the XDJ-XZ really does Is it makes me really want Denon to make their version of this machine. Give us SC5000 jogs and X1800 mixer. And oh you know, all 4 channels available :upside_down_face:

I want all of the options that the Pioneer has buried in their menus but give them physical controls. So keep them accessible on the hardware like on the x1800.

Please give us that Master EQ. I DO like that.

Feedback killer. I DO like that.

Keep the P4 FX controls. I LOVE those and prefer them. But please overhaul the FX themselves. Pioneer still has us there. Also let us route our mics through those FX. Got us there too.

Build quality. Keep it SC5000/X1800 quality. Chunky knobs.

Tension control for jogs - yes please.

Curve control for line faders.

Like I also mentioned bring those SC5000 jogs over and I won’t even breathe bringing the 5000m jogs because that would be too crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Also while I’m dreaming. Hey DJ hardware companies. Backlight more text/knobs. We usually DJ in very dark environments. Stop leaving so much stuff in the dark. Maybe give us knobs like on some of the high end Midas/Behringer mixers where it lights up the position. Nikon backlights their buttons text on their higher end cameras. Do that please!

Pioneer is so backwards on the XZ with so many things but there are also things I really like. But Denon’s version bringing more from the SC5000/X1800 would pretty much be my dream controller/standalone. It’s just a dream but figured may as well voice it. :slight_smile:

The hugest oversight with the XDJ-XZ is that it’s missing 17 little ZZZZzzzzz from the end of the model number - it’s faffing boring. It wouldn’t have been exciting 10 years ago - still what can you expect anymore from a company who’s biggest sales figures are now car music players

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Some of the features you really like could be added software based into current Prime 4 also. Make sure you make or like the requests and they might get added.

This could be in the on screen interface and could even be more advanced than the RX this way, like i.e. 7 band EQ instead of high/mid/low… or displayed EQ curve.

This could be added into the menu where you can find Mic attenuation

This is also possible by adding it into settings

Unlikely that this will happen for Prime 4 l, but technically it could be done trough the menu also

The bigger jogs and more backlighting off course could not be updated software based :slight_smile:

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The prime 4 is superior and a truly 4 independent channels, it is more if they put the promised support of stagelinq to the mcx8000 even this old model would be a better option for many than the pioneer for both price and performance

A lot of these reviews and comparisons between the p4 and xz rarely mentions that the prime series can read rekordbox drives.

Hard to agree. I used prime series on many venues and all sound engineers are very positive about prime series against pioneer. They mostly complain about high frequency spikes and muddy bass from Pioneer.

I think Firefox is just a troll with a bad bad case of Prime jealousy, who thought that the pioneer XZ was going to be some amazing state of the art machine with more processing power than prime, then when the XZ was released (from circa 1995?) and turned out to have the same processing power as a custard tart Posts reported to admin

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You’re only quoting one guesser, who, once you read more than a few of the posts just assumes and says what if, a lot

High end roll of and sound overall was addressed by a firmware update. So a year ago you would have some mass to your words but quoting a guesser after the addressing firmware update really leaves your words as empty as a pioneer control is of features :slight_smile:

Better luck next time.

Or if you’d rather not leave things to luck - buy a prime