Is there even any Denon staff around?

A crossfader is definitely useful and something i wish the radius had… but for me i wanted rid of channel EQ so i picked the standard radius over the V purely for that stripped back style. One other thing i wanted was trim, i know its going against the ethos of proper ‘Rotary mixers’ but i like being able to normalise tracks so i can top out the pots each mix instead of having to mix purely by ear.

Those condessa mixers are undoubtedly something special though, and essentially a product that will last a lifetime too.

Well your mostly right I guess.

Nobody has ever knocked pioneer mixers, or their sampler, or their effector, or their all in ones. There’s just something about those cdjs though that can bring out the troll in some of us.

Nobody is knocking the pioneer features list presented here from the cdj 3000 either are they? And nobody is hating each other for it either. I’d say more like having fun with it maybe :wink:

It’s the dog being wagged by the tail that’s doing it.

Any GUI improvements should be in the form of new options that allow the user to switch between a complex/detailed and simpler/cleaner display. Otherwise, there will always be lots of annoyed users.

I would be happy with more and better effects and key shift/key lock.


I know a guy who made nice money converting Xone23 into a rotary version, complete with fancy woodwork on the side. This Ecler will ruin his hustle hahaha


Rather than look at my ugly mug, and to keep my typing down to a minimum, I’ll let the beautiful Avalon Emmerson break down what I mean by “robust track filtering”. I guess many of you didn’t come from NXS2s. It’s pretty 'effin awesome to be able to narrow down your searches like this…


That’s if your tracks are 7min-10+min long. Try it when your mixing 30s-1.5min each track. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I think I’m gonna start getting into techo/electronica.

I don’t prefer super fast mixing like that. I mean, there is a time and a place for it, definitely, but I like the majority of my set to have blends that last for at least a 1.5mins to 3mins…sometimes even longer…letting a pair of tracks build, ride, drop, break, and peak at the same time is magical (when it works). Double drops are also super fun. But, playing Funk, Hip-Hop, Disco, Garage definitely lends itself to faster mixes though, and that kind of mixing is also super fun. But, having “robust track filtering” like this is awesome regardless of your preferred genre or performance style.

You see, Ya’ll Pioneer is just more mature software. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not a hater. I’m also not a fanboy. I call it like I see it. I think it would serve Denon well to copy EVERYTHING Pioneer already have, and then focus on all these flashy features they keep dreaming up. Again, I’m rooting for Denon.

Yeah but that’s what we put our time in at home when we prepare and practice. Even James Hype says he puts in a lot of work preparing at home and he does say “a lot” and the look on his face when he says it says it all. I bet he doesn’t use track filtering live (he’s too fast) so he must be an in the closet Denon fanboy.

Filtering by bpm % is a good thing. Also in Traktor you can consolidate to filter tracks by many parameters. It may not be the same as pioneer but it might even be quicker.

No doubt pioneer is more mature software. And Denon would be good to take the best things of it but at the same time not be a clone.

Well, really Pioneer’s “On Deck Track Filtering” is really just an extension (of sorts) of “Dynamic Playlists”…you can mimic the same thing within Rekordbox and just create Playlists narrowing down your library by the same criteria. These are the kinds of “professional, performance based, quality of life” features that Denon should be focusing on.

I owned couple of CDJ 2000 nxs and nxs2 setups before switching to prime. I know what tag filtering is, but I rarely used it.

You said robust track filtering. That sounds different.

This is nothing new then… Cary on…

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It would be for Denon…

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Yeah, this yes. It would definitely be a well welcomed improvement. As for BPM filtering range - this can be already done.


I do use the rekordbox iPad app to prepare my usb sticks for my Denon deck. lol. I’ve long been an advocate for inmusic to make an engine iOS app that works better than the pioneer way. Why? Because Denon has wifi built in for it. Instead of being a copycat they can do way more concerning track management and on the fly situational awareness with a tablet then pioneer can ever dream of being tethered to wires or their screens.

This is what we should be pushing for. Something that get the same job or superior workflow done but differently. And I hope their army of 20+ software hires are working on it.

Amen…look forward to it. Hope it becomes a reality.

People seem to think that just because I’m not a sycophant, blindly accepting the lull, or in my opinion, wrong direction in development, that I am somehow a hater. Nothing could be further from the truth. I bought 3000s recently because Denon 'effed me over by taking away support for external drives with APFS/NTFS file systems. Not gonna lie…I was extremely bitter about it, and was intent on letting EVERYONE know. The worst part about it was that they didn’t make an announcement about it, and left it up to us to figure it out for ourselves. When we began commenting/complaining about it, not a single dev came out and had the courtesy to admit to it. That is BS!! That is worthy of ridicule and condemnation!!! That single act was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had been patiently awaiting more core development, frustrated by the lack of it, but still willing to hold out further. As I still am. But, frankly, nearly every feature I want is already present on the 3000s, and only 3 features (wifi, hdd bay, performance pads) that the SC6000s have, that are not. Denon nailed the hardware…mostly. Anyway, so I reevaluated what is most important to me, “right now”, and made the decision. I am going to remain in the Prime space because I still want to believe that my perception of what their vision is, will eventually come true. And I want to be a part of that, and help it along. Seriously, Y’all, I feel like a broken record here. Trying to bring awareness to potential buyers by telling them the strengths and weaknesses of a product is NOT hate for that product. These players, even the Denon ones, are 'effing expensive. People deserve to know truth so they can make an informed decision. All you typically read about 3000s or 6000s around the web are each camp’s fanboys trading blows. I wanted to be the diplomatic one and tell the whole truth.


I’ll share my vision for what I think the Denons should be doing right now.

We should already, using engine connect, been able to access the x18xx mixer’s sweep effects and beat fx from the deck screens with xy pad mode kinda like on the rx3 but better

We should of already have a tablet or phone app that could be placed behind and above the mixer to see what’s going on with each deck and/or the whole system and be able to use it when needed to take patrons requests while interacting with them so they don’t bring their drinks over your decks to look at the track they want to hear. You can walk over to the side bit and talk. It could be used for streaming services to cue up and analyze tracks then line them up for which deck they will be played on. And it could be used when I need to take a real good p*ss after a few drinks so I know what’s going on with the set lol.

If I wasn’t so camera shy, I would make a YouTube video about this topic and tell it exactly like it really is. That video would blow up! As much as I like Mojaxx, the guys from Crossfader, Phil from Digital DJ Tips, Techtools, etc, those guys tend to do short videos and simply don’t break down ALL the positives and negatives about each product. Sometimes you also pick up the biases that some of them clearly hold. I should start a blog, haha!!

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Seems quite useful but makes me look like the worlds most unorganised DJ lol… I don’t tag any of my tracks, I just pick one at the start of the night then sort my playlists (that are in genres than A-Z albums) by BMP and just work my way up from there.

Quite often DJ for 6hrs solid at our venue and never prepare a thing, just flitter between sort by BPM and sort by Date added for new stuff. 5500 tracks to choose from so often take it in different directions.


Now I thought I’ve seen it all. This is a Kijiji ad Ontario Canada. They retail for $3300 cdn and if I wanted them I can get a discount $2250+ tax a piece legit.

It’s already used and probably won’t have a receipt for warranty because it would have the real purchase price or it came from somewhere shady. Anybody wanna pitch in for it?

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Yeah, due to the Pioneer shortage world-wide, I have been seeing XDJ-1000s, XDJ-XZs, DJMs of all types, and CDJs of all types selling used for either the original purchase price or in many cases, even more than suggested retail. And peeps have been selling brand new units for double, or even triple the cost of MSRP. It’s ridiculous!!! But, all these people are about to see the light, haha. Pioneer has been stocking up more and more throughout the entire global retail space. There have been people that just like the PS5 & Series X debacle have been buying with the sole intent to flip them, are going to get caught holding the bag with all this Pioneer gear. Good. Serves them right! I HATE scalpers!!

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