Is there even any Denon staff around?

I was just wondering if Denon even cares about this platform? Other than for technical issues there seems to be quite the lacking of denon staff participating in the discussions - especially in the feature request section.

Just wondering :-/


Look again, I seen a lot of them…


I‘m sure they read these posts but they probably have a lot to do with the OS etc but yea, saying that just a „yea we’re on it“ or any other reply by Denon would be good for peace of mind :+1:

If they answer one feature request, to be all “equal-sequel” they’d have to consider answering all of the hundreds and hundreds of feature requests.

They’d never be able to answer the “when” question anyway.

What feature request are you totally unable to live without and will be eloping with a pioneer xyz-654 soon if denon don’t add your request in the next 12 seconds?

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The extra waveform like on the cdj 3000. It’s worth the $2000 overhead a pair apparently.


These people who rely so heavily on those waveforms are going to be in for a shock if they ever get a gig in a bar/club and have to use the CDJ-2000s that are usually installed. I mean i like the waveforms, they look cool and work cool for spotting breakdowns etc but using them as a mixing tool is as dangerous as relying solely on Sync imo.


I know this is a jab at me, so I’ll address it…

If it were simply ‘one’ feature, then there wouldn’t be an argument. I would just be a crybaby having a hissy fit. But you know, for me specifically, it was about way more than that…

  1. search within a playlist
  2. save prepare list as playlist
  3. hold platter + cue to overwrite main cue
  4. detailed RGB waveforms
  5. using a mac/ipad/iphone/windows pc as a performance drive
  6. robust track filtering options
  7. activated loops
  8. dynamic (smart) playlists
  9. automatic highlighting of compatible keys (traffic light)
  10. customizable UI w’ 12 lines of information on a 9" screen.
  11. support for APFS, HFS(+), or NTFS file systems on external (preparation/collection) hard drives
  12. vinyl/slip/master/sync/upcoming cue point status on jog display
  13. mechanical jog wheels (static-sensitive jogs can be unreliable, and I’m just generally not a fan!)
  14. bright display capable of high visibility in the daylight
  15. key-shift performance mode with center reset
  16. quick access to quantize.
  17. Traktor support

Fanboyism isn’t a good look, Y’all.


Why have I watched a YouTube video today and someone in the comments has made that exact same list, have you just copy/pasted someone else’s YouTube comment onto here?

As far as the list goes, most of those things are meaningless features… when you compare them to the actual usability features on SC5000/6000s like dual channel, built in SSD and great performance pads it just looks like petty findings in order to create some weak counter argument.

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That is my comment on Youtube!

Hey man, if having a built-in SSD, performance pads, and dual-layers are more important to you than these 6 useful, QOL advantages. that’s cool. That’s your thing. But these 6 features, specifically are more important to me than anything that Denon currently offers. So, no, these 6 features are not “petty” or “knit-picky”.

  1. search within a playlist
  2. save prepare list as playlist
  3. robust track filtering options
  4. activated loops
  5. dynamic (smart) playlists
  6. customizable UI w’ 12 lines of information on a 9" screen.

Brilliant, so now I have to ask, why are you spamming this comment across multiple social media sites and forums in order to try and disparage Denon gear, what’s your goal?

My advice, quit pratting around making petty arguments on the internet and get on your decks and do some mixing. Your life will drastically improve.

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I did it before out of spite because I was super angry at Denon for dropping APFS/NTFS/HFS+ support for external Collection drives. That 'ish really messed me up! But, apparently we made enough noise to get them to add it back. Cool. Why I have been posting it today is because I don’t like when peeps make snide comment about me. So, I was explaining my position.

  1. What exactly are you needing to search for in a playlist that cant just be done in the normal search facility? Aren’t you just typing an artist or track name in anyway? I have 5500 multi genre tracks on my media drive and never struggle with this feature, in fact I search on my prime exactly the same way as I do on CDJs at my residency.
  2. Sounds like it could be useful, I never prepare sets anyway really, on the odd occasion I want to do a mix I just add tracks to a playlist I want to play as I work through them.
  3. What isn’t robust about track filtering? what is missing?
  4. activated loops would be useful (if its what I think it means, storing loops and be able to activate them similar to how Serato works)
  5. don’t know what this means?
  6. the very definition of nit picking.

So yeah, having the ability to use 2 Chanels on my mixer with one media player is massive, as is having an internal SSD on the Prime gear, particularly the stand alone, as is having the performance pads that offer all the hot cues, slicer, loop roll etc, and having in a place that actually works (not under the screen)

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But that comment above is a generic statement about the CDJ3000, why would you think its aimed at you… nothing about it is incorrect, people all over are lauding this dual waveform feature (that in my opinion is for people who need help beat matching, which is a different argument and should such people be dropping 3 grand on a single media player) and to have that feature you pay a massive premium for it.

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Ok here we go :roll_eyes:

First of all I voted for a lot of what’s on that list.

What is missing from that “Pioneer Ultimate” nobody has list is anything resembling fun features. The last 3 might pass as they can lead to it. All of this does not mean Denon is behind. If reciprocity was applied to the tale of the tape it would look like pioneer is behind. Can you go on the pioneer forum and ask “When is Ableton Link coming to the Cdj$3000?” We all know the answer is that it can’t be done on their Flag$hip unit. At least Denon can still add more features that people requested.

And what happens when Denon applies all those features? How will you feel about your Pio purchase?

Are you having fun with your new decks yet?

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Fun, for that price id want them to be doing the laundry, driving me to work, making dinner etc.


It was directed at me. It was based on a comment/photo in a different topic, where I showed a picture of the stacked waveforms from the 3000s I just recently got. Wyley1 immediately replied to that post outlining what an idiot (without using that language, of course) I was for spending ridiculous money on a pair of 3000s. He’s entitled to his opinion. I am entitled to respond. I try not to have beef with individuals. That’s not how I roll. I will call out a company on some ole’ BS…no qualms about doing that. But, I like to engage with people of differing opinions to me. I try to always do that respectfully.

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I said if it was important to whoever wants certain things than they should spend and get it and you did congrats.

And I’m not being a jerk either :innocent:

No one will cheer louder than me if Denon adds ALL of this functionality!!! I am rooting for them. I say it all the time. I want them to DOMINATE and destroy Pioneer.

I’m not leaving Denon completely, just reprioritizing my position.

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Out of interest, what is useful about stacked waveforms?

The bar I play at has CDJ-2000s and a DJM900, I often DJ for 6 hours playing 4/4 music or similar and beat match manually for the duration. I love waveforms for spotting breakdowns on tracks (the same way dark spots on vinyl worked back in the day) but I don’t get the usefulness of having them stacked?

I also use Serato at home which has the feature but im not looking at the screen enough to care.

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Who cares who dominates who? I don’t

I just wanna have fun with my stuff. My setup doesn’t resemble a typical dj or fanboy setup but it resembles a set up that puts a smile on my face every time I get on it. What matters is what makes you happy even if it means having the best of both worlds.

Here’s someone (not me) enjoying themselves