Is there even any Denon staff around?

This is my home setup… fair to say I couldn’t really care less about either brand lol.

I bought a Prime 2 for doing gigs at other bars etc who don’t provide gear, and loved every minute of it, the ability to DJ without a laptop at a venue has been epic.

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As do I, and for the same reason.

Truth be told, as useful as I think having the stacked waveforms is for programming your mix, really I couldn’t care less about it. It’s a “nice to have”, but not a necessity. I wasn’t as passionate as some of the others were about that feature in it’s feature-request thread/discussion. Having Stacked waveforms wasn’t a dealbreaker issue for me. What was, however, and what ultimately got me to order the 3000s in the first place was Engine DJ dropping the support for APFS/NTFS external Collection drives. That, along with the other fundamental features that I see as essential (maybe they’re not for you) is what prompted the purchase.

Off-topic It’s nice to see a normal discussion going here tbh. Carry on. :wink:


“What was, however, and what ultimately got me to order the 3000s in the first place was Engine DJ dropping the support for APFS/NTFS external Collection drives.”

Can you explain what this means as im not up on why it would matter? Do you mean you store your music externally from your computer and want to be able to sync it onto a USB/Internal drive?

Haha, so I imagine you’re pretty ticked-off that InMusic & Serato dropped support for the SL boxes? I’m pretty sure Denon even discontinued their Serato box (DS1) as well.

Nice, Mastersounds rotary, BTW. I’m ordering a Condesa tomorrow. Think I am going to go with the Lucia-X.

Anyone take a look at the new Ecler warm2 yet?

Haha yeah just a bit, its an epic fail for anyone who doesn’t want to use a generic mixer in their DVS setup… my other option is pack up a 1210 then buy 2 media players, but honestly who in their right mind would swap the beauty of a 1210 for the mind numbing simplistic mixing that comes with a media player (which I love when playing out btw as it just makes life easier, just not at home).

The Condessa are awesome, I loosely know the guy who runs that Rotary group on Facebook and he uses one… the reason I went with the Radius is they are hand built in the UK by Andy Rigby-Jones (Allen and Heath and Model 1 legend) and for £1100 are surely the best value mixer on the planet? plus that combination of smooth pots and subtle HPF make mixing an absolute pleasure.

I couldnt recommend one enough, but can also see why someone would get a Condessa.

It looks properly nice that. Saw a video the other week about it.

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Yeah, I was considering getting one, but it really just looks like a NUO 2.0 with rotary pots. I was hoping they would have gone in a different direction. Haha, I really wanted that shirt too :wink:

This is a link to me using the Radius if you’re interested, might give you an idea of how it blends and generally sounds in the mix. Obviously not gonna say much about the sound quality on YouTube but you will know it’s great anyway.

It’s been a game changer for my home setup and made me enjoy getting on the decks again, as a working DJ I rarely went on them as I was not bothered after being out on a weekend mixing, but now I love it and try to get on at least once or twice a week.


I pretty sure that the circuitry is from the nuo2.0 until they run out and have make new up to date ones.

say you have a macbook or windows laptop with 500gb on internal storage but your music library is 1 tb…you then buy a nice external ssd 1 or 2 TB, then format said ssd to the native filesystem of the computer. Windows uses NTFS, Apple use APFS/HFS…Engine prime/dj (desktop) will not read the drives. It used to but i dont know why it stopped.

Basically engine dj f.k.a prime (desktop) now only reads exfat/fat32 drives.

When did they add it back?

Ohhh ok, got it. Mines all internal atm so not something I encountered. It shouldn’t matter in reality should it, should allow whatever format you choose.

They actually haven’t yet, but have claimed that they are going to in a future update.

Yeah, I waffled back and forth between a Condessa (Carmen V or Lucia-X), the Mastersounds Radius 4V & complimentary EFX box, Varia Instruments RDM40, and the Bozack AR-4. But then, coincidentally/ironically, I found a video on YouTube comparing all four of these mixers (as well as a couple of others) and then I knew right away. the Condessa spoke to me. I’ve heard a Carmen V live before too, so I know how insanely good they sound on a club sized system. I have the loot to get the Carmen V, but I think I’m gonna’ roll with the Lucia-X (the one with the crossfader). I emailed Mehdi about paying to have a crossfader added to the Carmen V, and he said he’s not interested in that kind of custom build at this time. So, I think I’m going to get the 4 Pole ISO upgrade, the ISO selector switch upgrade, the black wood stain, and I’m still debating on whether I want to get my personal logo etched on it or not. …that might make selling it in the future (should I ever decide to) much harder. Haha, one day I hope to convince Mehdi to build me that larger footprint Carmen V, that would be more evenly spaced out and also include a crossfader.

Guys, it’s perfectly okay to critique aspects of DJ Engine’s workflow.

There are some gaps in the solution right now, and it’s simply that Denon chose roll out lighting, streaming and other sales focused functionality instead of improving the core product. That’s their choice, but we don’t have to like it. For some of us these issues are a major barrier to DJ’ing the way we like.

We know that Smart Playlists is a priority, so hopefully they address a few issues with that rollout whenever it happens.


I’m probably in the minority here but the feature from the 3000 that I really want is touch cue; so nice for tracks you’re not too familiar with yet. Stacked waveforms and active loops would be nice to have but not a huge deal for me. The library display is absolutely superior as well.

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Also would love to have a condesa or varia rdm40 but I also really like the flexibility of having 2 sends so I think I’ve zeroed in on the formula sound ff4.2

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Hahaha been reading this with popcorn and what makes me laugh was as soon as an over price media player is mentioned (cough cdj3000) it’s guns at dawn. Yeah but, no but.

However when an high priced mixer is mentioned it’s ooo aahh I’m getting one. The funny thing is is that it’s back to basics from the 70\80s style… Far from bells and whistles of today’s tech.

It’s a strange one but it’s like us DJs want to cut an arm off but still keep the hand??

Just saying.

Crack on :+1:


I see some nice requests here. Some of them are essential to me, but not all as I use to Dj on Prime series since the release. And even then I adapted actually the same workflow, as I had previously in Rekordbox. Just added more hot cues and loops, as this is now available on the hardware. (NX2 decks didn’t had that much).

Well, maybe I could break it down a bit in my way. May I…?

  1. Cool to have - still djing without it anyway.
  2. I would be happy to have it - still djing without it - no issues, I understand, that this would make life easier.
  3. Hold platter + cue - just a matter to get used to any workflow. Not essential, but ok.
  4. Detailed wave forms - yes, I like the idea. RGB - no need to for me. Could be black and white even, I just like more DAW look wave forms with all the transients visible in more details. But having options is nothing bad.
  5. Decks link to computer via lan/wifi or smartphone/tablet to play off it - that would be cool, when preparing tracks and just want to try them on home dj setup without exporting to any media - Not essential, but a very useful improvement.
  6. Not sure about this - You need to expand the description of it.
  7. Active loops - yes, this was there and is missing. Even @JWiLL was asking for this.
  8. Dynamic playlists - not essential to dj, but very useful in managing the library. I would live to see relocate and auto relocate in addition. 9.Auto key info - cool, but only when key is very accurately calculated. - not essential for me.
  9. Here we can talk a lot - the GUI is not designed in the most optimal way. Needs a major overhaul to get all essential info on screen and be more user friendly in matters of “glance on screen and know it all”
  10. That I think was a mistake… This should be brought back ASAP…
  11. Cool feature, but also not necessary as Dj should know his music. I play tracks and memorize the best moments for drops and mixing. This is basic dj skill. I don’t negate the feature, still nice to have.
  12. Not a fan of these. Touch jogs are good, but I don’t know why inMusic made them so problematic. I had American Audio Radius 3000 decks with touch jogs - never skipped a beat. Always touch was working as was needed, even with a sticker on it. And that was a 300$ deck. I think Denon needs to revise the design and touch detection.
  13. That is strange - people were complaining for display to be too bright - they dimmed the display - people complain, it’s too dimm… I don’t get it…
  14. Key shift as performance - I would love it. Maybe Tone play cues as well?
  15. As said before - needed ASAP to be back on the main screen.
  16. As a long time traktor user - that would be very cool for me too. Flexibility is always welcome.

So this is my point of view - of course everyone can have their own. No intention to negate any of this, just wanted to share a bit.