Is it possible to use the SC5000 to Control Engine?

I would like to use the SC5000 to edit in Prime Engine on my computer. Seems like this would be preferred? I cant find any information on how to hook up the SC5000 to my PC and use it to edit the Tracks and also to just send the edit right to the SC5000 SD card. I looked through YouTube and also did several searches online to just simply see how to set it up. I have my USB cable connected to the computer from the SC5000 and I cant find anything to get it working in Prime Engine.

For the moment it is not possible, maybe future or not …

It’s not possible to do that . What sort of editing would you be attempting live?

I would like to enter a new unedited song in Engine on my computer screen the Waveform is larger than on the unit. Being able to enter cue points and loop data using the SC5000 on the computer screen with better graphics in a studio would be faster and easier than using the SC5000 hardware to do that. Engine Prime alone is very clumsy using the mouse button to drag the waveform around. I really don’t get what engine prime does if you cant edit using the SC5000. Serato is what I used to do all that in the past with my MCX5000. I just figured the SC5000 being the great player it is would have the top of the line software to edit vs Serato.

I am going to watch some youtube videos and just see what Engine is really supposed to be used for because I must be missing something.

Thank You for replying.

As the main point of Prime hardware is to be standalone when it’s in front of an audience it would be best to do whatever edit you want, in whatever music editing software you like, then save the result as a wav, mp3, etc and then let engine prime or the hardware analyse it for key, bpm and so on.

At a gig, some people are saying they don’t have enough time to press a cue button or press “back” 2 or 3 times, so I’m not sure how many other people would want to leave their song editing until the gig

However lots of duplicate suggestions about still having a pc linked up to prime hardware for those who can’t search as quickly as they need to, or want an even bigger screen than Prime etc. Search out one of those existing suggestions for PC link and add your “Like” to that idea , it might get it implemented faster, some requests have been hanging around for over 3 years though, so your workflow may need some adaptation until the if/when of pc link happens

Hi JeffK,

First, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Engine Prime is a Music Library Management tool… Maybe the future brings more to it - we dont know yet.

But with Engine Prime, you can import your libraries from:

  • iTunes/ Music (Catalina)
  • RekordBox
  • Serato
  • Traktor

From here you can analyze tracks and edit things like the BPM, Loops, Cues, Genres, Comments, Star-rating, Artist, Titles, create crates, playlists and so on.

And then you export this data on to a thumbdrive, SD card, a external harddrive or on to the drive that might be installed in a Prime 4 or Prime 2 (and the upcoming SC6000/M)

For now Engine Prime can´t be used as Rekordbox can = connected to a player and then played from that directly.

You mention that you think the waveform is small…have you used the zoom-function on screen?

Personally I use Engine Prime to analyze tracks and placing some cue-points…my “main library” is iTunes, and I just import the full collection from there, and use the same crates/ playlists that are already made in iTunes.

The rest (most of my cue-points and loops actually) I do directly from my SC5000´s and then update those changes back in to Engine Prime, the next time I connect my external harddrive to Engine Prime.

This way I have the same sorting/ structure both places. (and can easily switch to another program if I want to in the future.)

Best regards Engell

Umm…you may want to take a look at this:


Thank You for the welcome. I am not a big forum user because I think after 28 years doing this I should know most of this stuff… Been using the MCX8000 , Traktor S4, CDJ (starting at the 500 through 2000s) and I got to play on the SC5000s with the X1800 at a club and WOW!! 2 days later I bought 2-Sc5000s and 1-X1800. For me it is hands down the most fun and creative decks I have ever used.

I just watched a video on the software and I see what is designed for. Like you said it is a music management tool. I saw the waveform and I thought it would also be a quick way to edit simply using the platter control and cuepoints on the SC5000 to enter directly on the waveform on my computer at home. Using the platter to move through the song and adjust cuepoints and really importantly Grid Editing. Left hand on the platter and right hand on the mouse adjusting as needed. Having to use the mouse to move the waveform and then adjusting the grid back and forth seems clumsy. I think I just have to get used to the software and it will be fine.

I have used the zoom function on the SC5000, but NO if you are referring to a Zoom on the PC Software ( I will look for a zoom feature when I am done here if there is one). I use a 32 inch and a 40 inch monitor in my studio so the longer screen allows me to see the whole waveform in better detail vs the screen on the SC5000.

I did not know traktor files could be imported. This is awesome. I use Traktor in Europe and Serato here in the USA so being able to merge my Traktor files will save me a ton of time.

I am so glad I am now a member of this forum. 3 quick reply’s with actual help is very appreciated. Thank You again


You are welcome :slight_smile:

  1. I have actually proposed that Denon should make a small control unit that could be connected to Engine Prime in a “studio-enviroment” …you can see it here: Engine Prime Control Surface/ Unit

  2. On the waveform in Engine Prime, at the right side, there should be a + in the upper right corner, and a - in the lower right - this is the zoom function :slight_smile:

  3. Here is a video that tells you how to convert Traktor to Engine Prime: How To: Convert Traktor to Engine PRIME (The video is like a year old, but Jwill re-posted it yesterday)

We try to be as helpful as possible in here :smiley: But sometimes a search in the forum is quicker than waiting for reply …not always this fast :smiley:

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Thank You!! This is a great help

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