Engine Prime - Keyboard Shortcuts

After the discussion a couple of weeks ago about how to zoom the Waveform in and out on screen whilst using Engine Prime, I have pleasure in distributing this full list of keyboard shortcuts, brought to you by the Development team.

Enjoy ! Engine Prime - Keyboard Shortcuts - v1.0.pdf (136.6 KB)


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Is there an updated one for v. 1.3.3? Perhaps it’s a good idea to include this within the software for easy reference. Also a “remove track from crate” shortcut would be useful to have!

Can you guys please put in keyboard shortcuts to

1 - delete a track from crate 2 - delete a track from collection 3 - delete a track from the file location (ie. HDD or External SSD)

Option 3 would help to delete files from everywhere and send them to the trash this way you can clean up unwanted songs from the hard drive and also engine at the same time.

Please Please Please!

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Both options, even with 50 x “Are you sure?” Confirmations sounds like the forehead-slapping file equivalent of e-suicide

Eg: “Whoops! I didn’t mean to do that! Oh too late!”

If it ever got added as a feature (you’d need to submit the request on a proper forum form to get it to be considered) I’d always leave it switched off to prevent accidental deletions

Option 3 is the only one I would want. and it would be a a series of keys pressed to prevent accidental deletion. Like Serato they use Shift + Command + Del to delete the track from its file location and in Serato