Can you use a USB Keyboard?

Was it ever mentioned if you can plug in a USB keyboard for faster searching? I know in the older players you were able to plug in a keyboard, would be a lot faster then using a touch screen

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This could be a nice feature have in there.

I think they said you can, yes. That said, the keyboard on the screen is pretty big and useful.

Cool. Side keyboard per deck would probably be cumbersome to use, but its a good to have if you want it.

Don’t know any details, so no idea if you could use it over the link feature or anything. Those cute little mini-keyboards work well too though. Had a Numark D2Director back in the day and used one with that. Something like this: which is less than 9" wide.

they can do 1 keyboard to control both decks like how they share a USB drive. a keyboard shortcut could be hit to type for deck 1 or deck 2


Cheers m8. Helpful info.

being i can’t seem to edit, i wanted to say that this is an assumption of how they can do it, not saying its a feature already

It was asked, some time ago - and the answer given (then) was no, you can’t plug in a keyboard.

A shame because bringing up the on screen one obviously covers up a lot of the info.

Hope they can implement… suggested before in feature request topic:

I tried to hook up a ps2 keyboard, and yes that works, you can type in searches does anybody have a keyboard shortcut list?

ps2 to usb converter works? thats awesome

Whilst it appears to “work”, the use of an external keyboard is not a supported feature.

So, if you choose to plug in an external keyboard and type on it etc that’s your choice to do so, however, if you get any unexpected behaviour…

Thanks for trying and sharing though.

hmmm, unexpected behavior? Last night i’ve got a database corruption, could that keyboard be the cause of that?

As any external keyboard iisnt a supported item, and there are so many usb keyboards with so many custom buttons on them, I would imagine that “anything is possible”

However, I’d be more likely to think of unexpected behaviour to be things like… this completely ficticious scenario "when I was trying to type a letter F, I accidentally caught the letter G next to it at the same time and the track stopped playing

What a USB keyboards “Custom” buttons (e.g.: Keys which are not shown on the on-screen keyboard) may do though… could be less than predictable.

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This COULD be an idea for the keyboard shortcuts.

So to be clear, this is a not an active list, but a SUGGESTION!

TEXT ENTRY Used in the text entry ‘widget’; when searching and during renaming playlists etc.

(When not editing) • Return = starts editing

(When editing) • Cursor left / right = move caret • Return / Enter = DONE and move focus to next field • Escape = DONE but leave focus on this widget • Home / End = beginning / end of string • Backspace = Delete backwards • Delete = Delete forwards • Caps-lock and number-lock are honoured

LISTS Used when browsing the library • Up = Same as rotating PUSH SELECT knob anti-clockwise • Down = Same as rotating PUSH SELECT knob rotary clockwise • Left = Same as pushing BACK • Right = Same as pushing FWD • Return = Select/Load (same as PUSH SELECT press) • Page up / down = Page up / down • Ctrl-Page up / down = Top / bottom of list • Escape = go back up one level

SLIDER • Left (or) Up = Move slider left • Right (or) Down = Move slider right • Ctrl-left / right / up / down = Move to beginning / end of slider

GENERAL • Tab = move focus to next field • Shift-tab = move focus to previous field

GENERAL SHORTCUTS • Ctrl + C = Goes to ShortCuts window • Ctrl + E = Goes to Eject media window • Ctrl + F = Goes to search ALL for the current library, similar to pressing F1 • Ctrl + H = Goes to History window • Ctrl + L = Goes to Library view (last position used of crates, playlist, prepare, files or search from anywhere in the user interface) • Ctrl + P = Goes to Prepare folder window • Ctrl + S = Goes to Source window • Ctrl + U = Goes to Utility / Preferences • Ctrl + V = Switch between the library view and track view • Ctrl + + = Zoom in Waveform • Ctrl + - = Zoom out Waveform • ALT + TAB = Switch Layer

• Escape - Cancel any popup windows

• F1 = Open search browser for current library, set to “All” and put keyboard focus in the text entry widget • F2 = begins a “Title” search • F3 = begins an “Album” search • F4 = begins an “Artist” search • F5 = Browse library by Genre • F6 = Browse library by BPM (with analyzed tracks) • F7 = Browse library by Year • F8 = Crates menu • F9 = Playlist menu • F10 = Prepare menu • F11 = Files (File browse the device directly) • F12 = Library (press again to change to next library, if available)

And maybe when possible over network to use 1 keyboard for multiple SC5000’s: • Ctrl + 1 = Player no. 1 responds to keyboard • Ctrl + 2 = Player no. 2 responds to keyboard • Ctrl + 3 = Player no. 3 responds to keyboard • Ctrl + 4 = Player no. 4 responds to keyboard

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So I hooked up a regular rDell USB keyboard and it works great, Here are some of the shortcuts I have found

s=sync on 0-sets track to -100 and stops F7 - loads previous track E - eject esc - escapes screen L - layer switching X - ejects track from deck, wish the player could do this without the keyboard plugged in N - next track M - takes the left side of the screens icons for playlist, search, etc… and moves it to the right side spacebar - play/pause

SHIFT does nothing so all commands are in lower case

And >BANG< that’s why I wouldn’t have a USB keyboard connected to each of my players.

There’d be me thinking I was pressing space, or any key along the bottom row z x c v b n m and catch the space bar accidentally in a search, and … the music that everyone’s dancing to … Stops.

the spacebar in a search doesn’t start/stop the track, that would be silly, it only stops it if you are in waveform view with the track playing

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