Internal battery not enough?


Maybe some details on that battery? Voltage, max possible amp drain?

It’s a Milwaukee M18 5 amp hour battery. Fully charged 19 volts. These are the adapters I used.

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That’s a great idea there. Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

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I use Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC Portable Power Bank You could probably find a cheaper company. I like that it has AC plug.


I got about 5 extra hours with the 5 amp hour battery attached

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how did you make the power adapter?

Got it off of Amazon.


Very smart and awesome share @KillaA-dogg :raised_hands:

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how long can you have it plugged in for until the battery and system completely die ?

With that battery which is 5Ah almost 10 hours total run time

Milwaukee does make a battery all the way up to 12Ah though

That’s pretty incredible , thanks a lot I just ordered mine and it saves me money instead of buying one of these portable batteries that are overly priced like goal zero or Jackery etc…

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Goal Zero is over priced.

Got over 10 hours with GZ. I do like the all usb and usb-c ports, wireless chagrining, programmable inputs and outputs, real time capacity information AC outlet, solar panel input is cool too but yes its not cheap.

Hey, I see a message about the made battery for Denon DJ Go, are you still happy with it and does it still work?

I would love to hear from you

greetings Marc from Holland

Still working great

Hi Do you have photo or video of battery working on the dog and are there more people who have made this combination?

greetings Marc

The picture is in the first post

it is off no power

Look at the battery indicator next to the disply - GREEN = Charged/charging

Ahh oke sorry