impossible to have the good format for my SD card.

I don’t understand why help support never contact me. It’s the first and the last time i buy product with numark and Co. I have many tickets for this support but they have nobody in reality. It’s a joke !

Hey there! I’m not sure if there’s a question in this, or if it’s only a rant?

Is it a correct assumption you have problems with your SD card? With which player? Or is it with Engine on the desktop?

There’s a lot of super helpful people here, but we’ll need a bit more info :blush:

Hey thank you for your help. With the latest update from Mac (ventura 13.1), i have a probleme with engineDJ desktop.

I can put new files/playlist but it’s not possible to transfer all this in a SSD card… there is a error message « reformar drive on exfat ou fat32… i did that with many ssd cards but no result.

I ask on forums and we are so many to have this problem. How can i do because i can’t use my numark mixstream pro without new playlists ! Can you help me ?

Thank you Fabrice

Mac OS Ventura is not supported yet.

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Thats a ventura problem thats been spoken about since Ventura came out. Either wait for a fix or roll back the os to a fully working version. This isnt just denon and numark suffering here, so a bit unfair or OP to rant about a mac os issue blaming denon for it. Its well documented