"Import as Playlist" not working on big folders

Hello everyone, hope you’re all good,

I just got myself a Prime Go and I’m trying to figure how to best work with the fact that all my library and playlist are on Rekordbox.

So I imported the .xml file, that works well. I imported the collection, as in all the tracks, 10 000 of them, it works fine as well.

My problem is with the playlists. In Rekordbox I have a big playlist folder called “Collection” in which I have all my playlists. When I right click on it in the Engine Rekordbox page and click “Import as Playlist”, nothing happens.

It will work with individual playlists (and it’s super slow) and also playlist folders that contain about 30 playlists, but it doesn’t with my master “Collection” one.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a playlist amount limit when I import a playlist folder ?

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Check in engine dj collection playlist for any playlist that may also have the same name. If you find any then rename it to something else and try import again

If that does not apply then you could try deleting the engine library folder and redo the rekordbox import.

Ok thanks I’ll try that !

So I tried both options but it didn’t change anything.

At first I thought some of the playlist were too big, I have one playlist called “the bag” with all 9980 tunes of mine in there. But that is not the problem if I import this one playlist on its own it works fine.

It’s really my main folder containing all playlist that doesn’t work, and even though nothing indicating that work is going on shows up I still left the computer on all night to see if it was just a very long process but nothing happened.

Any other suggestions ?

Are you on windows or macos?

I’m on Windows 11

How many internal drives are in your Windows computer?






There’s only one C:


go to Music folder on your C drive

Rename the folder called “Engine Library” to Engine Library 2024

Ok I’ll try that

Now start up engine dj software on your computer… it should be empty ie no tracks

Ok I did that. Should I re-import the RKRBX xml again ?

As a note, I hadn’t changed the Library folder name, just erased it outright, but I’ve already deleted and re-imported the Rekordbox tracks 4-5 times to see if it would change anything. Is the naming of the folder going to change anything ?

Thank you so much for your help by the way

no before you re-import rkbx

create a new rekordbox xml of your rekordbox library

Ok it’s doing the new xml, then should I import it ?

Again as a note, I didn’t specify earlier : but each time I re-imported the Rekordbox collection into a new Engine Dj Library I had done a new xml file.


  1. start up engine dj

  2. click on the rekordbox panel and select the new xml you just created

  3. update rekordbox

  4. let it finish

  5. right click on the


Any luck?

How are you getting on?

Yes sorry I was on the train earlier, had to get off and come home.

So I’ve imported the xml file, clicked on “Import Collection” and right now Engine is analyzing the imported tracks

you can still check the engine collection tab whilst its analysing to see if the entire rkbx collection and playlists imported as expected

So no, no playlist have been added in the Engine Collection tab section

now thats weird

where is your rekordbox music files located?

c drive . music?