Im thinking Denon was a bad choice


day one of being a Denon user. Prior to this choice, i was Pioneer through and through but due to device demand and extremely long backlog, i went with Denon. Im now realizing why there is a backlog for Pioneer but not Denon and that is… Software. Or lack thereof!

issue one - V1.6.1 doesnt install at all issue two - V1.5 installs but requires quicktime to be installed even though its discontinued and has security risks. issue three - V1.5 does not import all tracks from library, i have just bought 10 brand new tracks on Traxsource and Engine says they are not audio files… They play on every other player, even Rekordbox :wink:

So, what gives? Is this a typical issue im facing with now that ive joined the Denon gang because it if is, back to the store goes my Prime 4 and i’ll wait for the XDJ-XZ to become available.

Strange, I’ve never had any problems installing Engine Prime (any version) on Windows 10.

What format are they in? Have you checked if they comply with the characteristics indicated in the manual? However even in this case I must say that I have NEVER found an MP3 file that cannot be read by Engine Prime, even crappy 64 kbps MP3 files.

If it were “typical” for Engine Prime not to read music files, I think Denon DJ would have stopped making this equipment for several years.

I’m sorry I can’t help you, maybe other friends can go deeper into your problem. My intervention was to reassure you that what happens to you is NOT normal, but you will see that it can be solved somehow. :smiley:


From the rain in the drop is a proverb in the Netherlands. If you think the XDJ-XZ is the savior, then I can tell you that you’ll come home from a rude awakening (another proverb). Of course, a few more functions could be added to the Prime 4, but that also applies to the Pioneer XDJ-XZ. Take a look on Youtube for the limitations of that device, so that you can make a good decision. I kept the Prime 4 myself and have quite a few comments about it. I don’t recognize the problems you are having. So I recommend that you put in a little more time, because what you are experiencing is not a Prime 4 problem. I have installed OS 1.6.2 and am not experiencing any issues. Also not had it with version 1.6.1 by the way


@NachoShaw just because you dont know how to use something properly does not make it bad or faulty. You should read the hardware and software manuals and watch some YouTube videos on how to use both.

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Yeah thought of that, but this topic is about feeling; the other is about the real problem.


Its not a case of ‘not knowing how to use something properly’, its a case of ‘the tools available do not work’ as in, Prime engine does not install, at all.

coming from a world of Rekordbox & Serato, i have knowledge in operation and music format but if the device is dependent on a music platform and that platform does not install, its a huge stumbling block…

Judging by the amount of the posts regarding install issues and the lack of solutions from Denon, its not a problem that will resolved anytime soon…