I'm so hyped for stems

Too bad I don’t have a Prime 4+ haha. I hope that stems does eventually come to the other devices (Please don’t exclude us Numark users) If anyone out there has a camera and a Prime 4+ would you be open to doing a full stems mix to show us what this beta can do?


I think the following answers your questions about recording it on camera.

“Beta means a work in progress. We’re releasing Stems as a beta feature for early feedback from Prime 4 + users. Beta use is not recommended in live situations, as there may be issues.”

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You think there’s too many issue to record something or think it just wouldn’t go well?

Id say videoing yourself DJing counts as ‘live performance’ which then means they have some advice they’d prefer people to follow.

Oh okay, well I still hope someone drops a demo soon. I adore stems.

As it’s a public beta I guess someone could do that, but usually beta testers are restricted in what they can say/show.

yeah I don’t think it’s limited cause it’s a public beta. Our first video about it dropped https://www.youtube.com/shorts/azNW5l3VCG4


Here we can see a bit more how the stems are adjusted and work on P4+.

It shows a good reason why the dev team wouldnt want people making videos of it just yet :slight_smile:

Darn, I didn’t know about the videos since the beta is public, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted the links.

haha i wouldn’t worry too much, i imagine they will expect some people to be filming it regardless. it doesnt sound too good right now and in the wrong hands could lead to misinformation about the product i guess. Some people will act as if its a live release.

En primer lugar felicitar a denon por haber implementado por fin los stens,como es de esperar aún le queda por mejorar los stens pero se entiende que están en fase beta.y por otro lado me gustaría que se pudieran activar los stens mediante los pads o en los bank efectos,sería mucho más cómodo que no tocar la pantalla.

Have a read of this:

Engine OS 3.2.1 Stems Public Beta 1 for Prime 4 + - PRIME 4+ Stems Beta - Engine DJ Community

Beta use is not recommended in live situations, as there may be issues.

I don’t read this at all to mean you can’t post up a video showing the beta firmware.

this suggests to me that Inmusic recommend you DON’T use it in a professional (read: PAID) live show/performance as it may introduce errors, or render a mix inoperable because its a beta. There is nothing on that link that suggests no one can post up a video of it. no NDA. heck, haven’t we already seen videos of the ALPHA version (or early beta) from youtube influencers already?

Im sure those users got a hold of the firmware early were embargoed from posting any videos/info about it until a certain point. One of these YT influencers even “hinted” at it but didn’t actually say what it was, but savvy commenters know what they were talking about.

This is a good move for Inmusic. let us 4+ owners get it out there with the world how cool this machine is. im really happy i chose to get on the inmusic train and not follow the status quo and jump on the pioneer bandwagon.

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Do you also think they want people putting fairly terrible sounding music all over the internet from early Beta versions of the firmware though?

Given peoples general propensity for misinformation, its exactly the type of thing that can be taken out of context and give people an excuse to slate the brand… we already saw this after the original Youtube videos were released that announced it, and comments sections were flooded with how it ‘sounds far worse than XYZ’ or ‘How could InMusic release a product that does this’

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I love the engine team and their software and I want to support them but I’m not worried about how the public will respond to new features unless I’m on the payroll. Unless they say “don’t share videos” I’m gonna want to see some videos and get hyped up on the future of Engine OS.

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Hmmm, agree to disagree on that front.


I seem to recall Traktor pushing stems more than a decade ago and lots of people being excited about it. Back then you needed the artists to be on board to generate and or share their stems. Now, it seems like there’s an attempt to derive stems from a preexisting stereo mix. Still not sold myself and even if we do get isolated stems. I’m not sure I care too much about what people do with them. Only time will tell.

The Traktor thing was doomed from the start really, as it was highly unlikely that major artists and labels would be prepared to re-release their tracks as separated parts.

Being able to do it on the fly makes more sense, even though the process isn’t perfect. It is a useful thing to be able to do, and gives us more ways to transition, plus get creative with mashups etc.


Meh, we’ll see. I think for the vast majority, it’s just a marketing ploy. Any DJ who already mixes four channels has already been doing the equivalent live but maybe I’ll be proven wrong.