If You Own X1850 Mixer I Would Suggest You check for the Following Fault

If You Own X1850 Mixer I Would Suggest You check for the Following Fault. This Is Only an Issue when set to 96k digital output, it’s ok on 48K.

Connect all 4 analogue inputs if you can. Set all 4 inputs to line All faders in the off position Turn the fader trim to each channel 12 O’ clock or more Do not play any music.

Now If you have the fault you will see the channel LED level meters start to flash slowly at the bottom light of -40 across them all in turn.

If you turn the fader trims above 12 o’ clock to max, then the lights flash higher up to -16.

This also applies to the master output volume, the higher the volume the higher up the lights flash on the VU bars to the master output.

If all 4 inputs are set to line then all 4 flash, if 2 are on line and 2 on digital only the line ones will flash. It’s reacting as if there is low volume sound there but there is not, there should be no movement of the channel LEDs if no signal or sound.

This mixer is designed to be able to have line and digital inputs work side by side at 96K.

I have reported this to InMusic but by all accounts I am the only one to do so. Apparently most DJs set the output to 48k for connection to other devices so are not aware of this.

Unfortunately after two of these mixers from different batches and both had the same fault I had to refund and go with a different manufacturer.

Even if you do not use the 96k I would suggest you at least test it and If you do have this fault please make sure you log it with InMusic and if your mixer is still under warrantee where you purchased it.


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