I want option to make "beat jump size = loop size" like 2.2.2

At least let me choose how to use it in settings. [Shift] and [Beat Jump] need 2 hands and too confusing. I got used to the old method for years on your gear. If you want to change something affect performance like this, Please give me an option to use the legacy way in settings. Thanks


+1 a lot of my guys use that knob to quickly adjust loop/jump size and are really mad that it changed too. Options please!

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+1 yes, please. That was way faster


Same! This is how I have mine set in Traktor and will make jumping between my dvs setup and the denons way more smooth.

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Can you guys give me a scenario where you would use beat jump often when you play?

Unless you have toddler hands changing the beat jump length with one hand works fine. I tried it on my SC6000. Unless I am changing the length multiple times within a short period I see no point in reverting back.

With my workflow, I use different lengths for setting my loops on the fly vs. beat jump. They are two different functions and should have two different means of changing.


Shift button on Prime 2 and 4 is another side with beat jump. Maybe this is design for player like SC6000 not Prime 2, 4 and it look impossible to change beat jump size on Prime Go.

I play open format style and I use beat jump all the time because pop songs or radio cut (or even tiktok cut) sometimes have different phase length. and I do really quick transition. (80 songs in 1 hour) Sometimes my hand is on filter or effect fading song out while I have to jump to the next song drop with only another hand. And everything happen real quick. Separating it is too confusing at least for me.

“Beat Jump” is killer feature for Denon for someone who moved from Traktor like me. It is why I prefer Denon than Pioneer. I just need them to have option to make it same old way. Please do not force me to relearn. If I have to relearn I better learn Pioneer.

Ahh i understand what you are saying. I did not even realize on the Standalones that the shift button was on the other side. It seems with the Go it stayed the same because there is no shift button.

EDIT: It did NOT stay the same. It was moved to the menu.

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+1 Option to keep loop size and beat jump size synced would be greatly appreciated

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Actually I had to go to the manual to see how to make bigger jumps, ended up setting my default size to 32, but still an unnecessary pain.

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I reverted the firmware just for that reason.


Unfortunately I agree with this too.

It should follow loopsize unless otherwise specified (overridden)

Personally, I think it’s better now, and you can also change the size in the configuration, for example if you want the same, you put them the same and if not, then to your liking, I love this new option;)

I hate hate hate this feature change, change it back or add an option for those of us whose workflow on the P4 has grown over years to use this. Personally use beatjump all the time in various lengths so just setting a base number for it isn’t that useful, give us the option - there are also folks who love the shift+encoder feature for adjusting loops, but maybe the option could be to use “shift+encoder” to change the beat jump length instead? that would be be way less of an issue, using the shift button is less the issue than using the beat jump buttons on the other side to try to swap between 4 and 64 beats… it takes more time, way less intuitive and is disruptive to a workflow that has been established since I owned this device. come on denon, we should able to expect updates without major workflow disruptions.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback! Engine DJ v2.4.0 adds a new option to link (old way) or unlink (new way) Auto Loop and Beat Jump sizes. More info and download below.



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