I need some help / advice but nothing to do with my Denon equipment, it's about where we get our music from

Hi Everyone

I need some help / advice but nothing to do with my Denon equipment.

What I need is advice on the best place to hear brand new dance tracks. I have listened to so many different radio shows that do play new releases but not quite to my taste, I purchase most of my new tracks from Beatport and go through a number of their charts on a regular basis Dance / Electro Pop is my main one but still not giving me enough new tracks to my liking.

At this point I should explain that I am most probably older than anyone reading this thus why my taste is a little different to a younger generation of DJs but I still love dance music very much, but not everything / most that’s released like I used to.

As there is so many genres now days it may be best if I list a few tracks that I have purchased that would help describe my taste.

So hard so hot – Alison Goldfrapp Let me see you work – Alex Prestion Is it a lie – TCTS & Flash 89 Day N night – Afrojack & black V neck On & on – Armin van buuren Lose my mind – Jamie jones I want you – Incna pop Love of house – Pablo & escobar Good times – Nono Gasoline – Maurice west So far – Miguel migs You and I – David vowles

So if anyone knows a radio station that plays tracks like the ones above as soon as they are released I would be grateful.

Beatport is my goto, but there are ( as you say ) plenty. I hate subscriptions so beatport suits me best.

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Traxsource all the way, check the house, deep house, jackin house, soulful house and nu disco genres, you can play through the top 100 of each genre and use your keyboard as shortcuts so you dont have to keep clicking.

Basically ‘play all’ in the top 100 screen for the genre, then use the left and right arrows to scrub through the track and the up/down arrows to skip through the playlist. you can use the space bar to play or pause.

This is my workflow and I can get through several hundred tracks per night, then add interesting ones to my cart, then before purchasing listen again and filter out any that dont do it after a 2nd listen.


I like bandcamp.com a lot, there are a lot of independent artists there and as an artist selling there, you get most (if not all, I’m not 100% sure) of the revenue.


Yes, another great option, and some artists you can even buy the tracks on vinyl and get the digital file included too.

Radio stations? What are they? LOL

I’m surprised anyone still listens, now that we have so many streaming services.

I don’t really spend much time actively searching for music these days, as I find so little that appeals to me - but I do subscribe to Spotify and Tidal, finding the odd track here and there, but probably hear more by tuning in to DJs on Twitch. That’s been my “radio” for around three years now.

They do take a cut, but occasionally has days where the artists gets the full share (I think it was one Friday a month during lockdown or something like that), but definitely gives the artists a bigger share than most other portals :blush:

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I listen to Mi-Soul, Soul Central Radio, Stomp, Solar, Street Sounds Radio, Release Radio and Centreforce 883 on the my Tuner app and my phone plugged into my vehicle. I hardly ever listen to the commercial radio stations anymore. DJ Keith, Release Radio and Centreforce play a lot of various genres of house music. The wife insists on listening to Kiss FM, its shite.

Thanks to Stu I discovered bandcamp and have downloaded quite a lot of remixes :+1:

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@Jay_Eddicott some of my old DJ buddies have shows on Release Radio and Solar. I was on Solar myself back when it was a pirate in the 80s.

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Loved the old pirate stations, even Kiss was good in the pirate days. I’ve just been listening to Release and Centreforce on Mixcloud. I had a Release Radio T shirt turn up today :sunglasses:

I have a few podcasts/shows that I listen to each week. Will pick up a few track ideas from them, although I usually have to wait a few weeks for them to be available.

I’ve listened to A State of Trance for years and years, so that is a weekly staple. Ferry’s Resonation Radio is pretty good, and I currently have Nora En Pure’s Purified queued up each week.

Beatport is great, but it is monstrous. I find that a lot of the genres have a huge crossover, especially within the sub genres. Because there are so many, part of me wants to limit which ones I search through, but I also want to keep an eye on the others so as not to miss out on some gems.

I currently use ZipDJ record pool. This seems to have a pretty solid output across a wide variety of genres, and there are some great tracks from unknowns floating around on there. Beatport picks up the strays that I can’t get on there.

Oh, and you probably aren’t as old as you think among some of us.

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I am in my 50s and still love to mix. I get most of my music from Traxsource. Bandcamp has been good but you got to do a lot more digging. Also, I like using Pandora where I discover a lot of new music. It’s algorithm is much better than Spotify in my opinion when it comes to finding new music because of its fingerprint algorithm.


@STU-C Thanks!

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Used to use Traxsource a lot but found it quite expensive, now I only use Zip DJ, I Listen to the soulful and deep house top 100 on Traxsource then search for particular tracks on Zip DJ, well worth the subscription if you take the unlimited download option

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The next one is on August 4th, seems like it stuck :slight_smile:

Hi STU-C Thanks for the info, I have signed up to Traxsource and gone through 2 of there charts yesterday and found them more to my taste so thanks, but over the weekend intend to go through a lot of there charts to see the ones I need to follow.


Hi Lerk - Thanks, I had a very quick look at Bandcamp yesterday but intend to take a proper look over the weekend.

Hi Jay - I do listen to 883 centerforce and release already and would say that about 20% of the music content is to my liking but then that’s me due to my age that I do not like it all that they play. The thing is some of the DJs are pretty good but others sound like they should be working on a market stall, However the other stations you have mentioned I have not heard and will give them a try, as for your wife give her some slack as we all have different tastes, my wife thinks everything I play is crap as she like Steely Dan and Peter Frampton, beat that.

Hi Mishta-P I have never heard of ZipDj but will give it a look later so thanks for the info, oh I am 66.