I installed a battery numark mixstream pro

I am a Chinese DJ. In June 2022, I bought

, a great device,I installed a battery. It works very well at present. It lasts for 7 hours. In addition, I also installed a handle。


a great job !! tell me what battery did you put in please !!

Four sets of 12V lithium batteries

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my idea instead would be to put two jacks and take the audio from the two speakers by inserting two converters from high level to low level! like those used on car radios without amplifier outputs !! so as to also have the output for the monitor speakers for the booth controlled by the speaker potentiometer!

the problem that by modifying the product you lose the warranty

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Good idea, you can try it

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The Prime Go seems to have started a trend

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Great idea, any pictures of inside / how it was done & wired up?

If there’s a speaker volume control then just take a feed from that to a socket. No need to do any “high to low” level conversion.

It’s not like he would lose a lot. Denon post sale warranty is almost non existent.