Huge rant! so many issues! s.o.s

I’m having nothing but bad times with everything I have purchased “x1800/2sc5000m’s” first off right out of the box I had issues with the split cue which made it to where it only played volume out of 1 side or the other and it would never turn off, it would just flip back and forth between the headphones, it also had a faulty master out to the speakers, only the left side worked, so I sent that back and got a replacement since then I have experienced multiple anomalies within the x1800, like whole channels cutting out while I’m playing and only way to alleviate that is to reset the units, cue colors changing back to blue, I’ve had the mic 1 output just start flashing for no reason to the beat of the song and ive had the washout and noise sfx turn on at the same time which makes neither of them work also they output a loud click when lowering down. Now on to the sc5000m’s I may be wrong but they feel like they have a slight delay when cueing up but here’s where in getting frustrated with these, I spent alot of time getting my hot cues dead nuts on engine software and when I go to actually play just about all my hot cues are 1 or 2 beats off and I just don’t get it?? Its so frusterating. Whats the point of even doing it of they are still going to be off or not there at all? Another anomaly with the players I ran into is sometimes when I hit pause with the slowdown effect on it will cause the decks to not stop fully, theh will end up stuttering back and forth creating a helicopter like sound, kind of reminds me of a 480v motor single phasing if that makes sense… And dont even get me started on the engine software! Its junk, it does nothing I want it to do, the organization of it’s horrible and the analysis is wack, importing songs to and from a flash drive is a pain, rekordbox feels light years ahead of the game to me in every aspect over engine. Tbh I want to love this rig so bad but it’s about to make me pull my hair out lol. I love how it’s supposed to work but it just doesnt majority of the time for me and these being the most expensive music gear I’ve purchase and the fact that they are supposed the be the flagship model of a top name company I would think they would work flawlessly! Would be nice to be contacted by somebody from denon about this

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Damn, that’s a lot of problems :frowning:

Unfortunately I haven’t yet seen anybody from Denon respond to faulty unit reports like this, either here on the forum or over email. As a big fan of the units … that’s a real bummer. They promote this forum but only respond to very limited engagement. It ■■■■■.

Maybe this time will be different.

omg s * c k s is censored :joy:

I’m really sorry to hear your predicament this sounds like faulty units to me.

I would give it a day or so as I’ve found the members on this forum to be more helpful than any other that I’ve been on and hopefully Denon might answer back tomorrow or another member.

I hope you get sorted they are great decks when yours work that is.

Merry Christmas



So you’ve got a faulty one? It’s under warranty and will get sorted. Bumping posts just stops other, equal, members having a fair chance of getting their posts and questions read.

Denon don’t visit the forum as much as they used to, looking at posting dates by staff members . Wait until a workday and give denon DJ service a call about a replacement.


Dont think you can expect fast respons from Denon these days… Its Christmas and I bet most of them are at home, celebrating the holidays with their family.

So create a tricket regarding your issues and wait for them to come back. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most of them are busy with NAMM.

My suggestion would also be the normal support channels or the retailer.


Send it back, it isn’t normal behaviour.

So this morning I got up and decided to try it in hid mode on serato and I had all my cue points and they were lined up and I was staring to enjoy it and get down but then they disconnected from serato for no reason then reconnected and continued disconnecting and reconnecting… I cant catch a break with these things lmao… it’s like the universe is pulling me back to pioneer/rekordbox…

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Yeah, it has to be the units…no chance of it being problems with usb cables, loose usb ports on your laptop or…now this is unimaginable and I have now idea how I can think of such remote possibility but…issue with software gasp

Anyway, you clearly did your troubleshooting and I wish you the very best with pioneer/rekordbox combo :wink:

Like the “wise man” says: “Change your rider!”…one way or the other.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @ReZiNaT3d - Very sorry to hear of the troubles and poor first experience with the X1800 and SC5000M. Most of what you describe is certainly not expected behavior and its unfortunate you were faced with such issues straight out of the box. When working as expected, the X1800 and SC5000/M should give you a positive, streamlined and fun standalone mixing experience. I’m sure many of our community members here can attest to that.

I’ve commented inline to each of your issues below.

  • Split Cue not turning off, and automatically changing headphone side
  • Master Output, only outputting signal on the left side

These are hardware problems and would require replacement as you’ve done already.


Signal loss or interruption during playback - Is it possible that the cable is faulty? What input are you using, LINE or Digital? Does it happen on both?

Cue colors changing back to Blue unexpectedly - When linked via Ethernet hub, the cue colors are matched to the deck/layer, if the connection to the SC5000M was lost it would divert back to Blue. Can you confirm which ports on the X1800 hub are you connected to? With two decks you will want to use either ports 2 & 3 (3-1-2-4 layout) or ports 1 & 3 (1-2-3-4 layout).

Mic 1 On button unexpectedly flashing to the beat of the music - This button should not flash under any circumstance, so I suspect the hardware may be at fault here. What is the firmware version on the mixer? The latest is 1.2. If you are running an earlier version, I would suggest updating first and then reevaluating these issues. You can download the latest firmware here.

Washout & Noise SFX triggering at the same time and output an audible click when disengaged - Same as above. This is not expected behavior. Please ensure you are running the latest firmware version. If you are updated to the latest and still experience this, sadly the hardware is at fault and would need to be replaced.


Slight delay when triggering - If the cue points were set in Engine Prime, it may just be that the Quantize value in the SC5000M preferences is set too high. May be worth setting the Quantize value to a lower rate like 1/4.

If you cue points were imported from a 3rd party library, it may be inherent of the import process. We have tried to account for different methods of setting cues, grids, etc but in some cases there will be slight delays. We added a feature to account for this on the SC5000’s. You can shift all of the cues simultaneously forward or back to re-align. Check out this link and let me know if this is what you’re experiencing.

Stop time wind down creates “helicopter like sound” - I’m not too sure what you mean by this one, but I think you may be describing motor cogging as discussed here.

If so, the behavior is inherent of the motor itself. This is known as “cogging” and is something we worked to minimize during the development of the product. If this very limited “cogging” disrupts your mixing style, I would recommend the SC5000 with static platter.

When used as a controller with Serato DJ the USB device randomly disconnects from the computer - Will need a bit more information to help troubleshoot this one.

  • What is your computer OS and version?

  • How are the SC5000M units connected to your computer, are you using a USB hub or are you using the device as a hub?

We recommend connecting one S5000M direct to the computer and the other SC5000M into the USB hub on the rear of the unit going straight to the computer. The X1800 should connect directly to the computer and not go through a hub.

Engine Prime

We are working on a number of new features and improvements for the software to bring up to today’s standards. Our users have been very vocal about this and we are aware and working daily to improve the preparation experience.

Again, I apologize for your experience thus far. It is my hope that my team and our supportive community can help turn this around for you.


Thank you so much for reaching out, so I’ll address the issues in order as you did.

X1800-split cue/master out was indeed hardware Cue colors changing- this was actually happening in standalone mode, it would just change colors randomly then usually it followed by entire channel not outputting audio, you could see it on the meter and on the screen but no audio, “alot of times the motor would just stop moving too, you could jog and scratch but motor would be off with no audio?”

Mic 1- that was a one time anomaly the other day but I didnt even have a mic connected –running the latest version of firmware–

Washout and noise- I’ll have to get a video showing this one, not too inconvenient considering it just a couple taps to fix this but it throws me off and makes me tap more lol

Stop wind down- I cut the video short but you will get the idea

Sc5000m Delay cue points- this is actually on the cue, not hot cues I am importing my hot cues via 3rd party because it’s just absolutely a pain to do anything in engine for me, i did not know about the align all cue feature, that’s pretty neat and will be helpful but I just wish it worked right without the extra steps lol, I know engine is a very new software but it’s just painful to use, and soooo many nice features other softwares like rekord box, like midi mapping, related tracks, the ability to rekord, ability to filter tracks, lighting controls, ect…

Computer- Lenovo y700 8gb ram quad i7 I have them connected with the provided USB cables all 3 straight into my laptop.

Definitely send it back for defective units (it happens). They should take care of you.

Hi @ReZiNaT3d - thank you for the reply.

I’d like to have one of my support specialists reach out to you directly to resolve the issues.

Please send me a PM with your email and telephone and I’ll have someone reach out after the holiday.

We’ll get this sorted out for you.

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Update- new issue, now once I turn the mixer on all 4 channels have 1 bar of static coming through, I even disconnected all the inputs to it and it still had a steady static? With all the issues I’ve had it’s hard to have faith that the next ones will be any better since this is my second mixer already… I really hope I’ve just had shitty luck and it all smooths out here soon

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