Huge price drop on SC6000m in Germany Sept. 2021

Looks like that Denon has dropped the price for the SC6000m in Germany. Most dealer lowered the price for 200 or 220 Euro. That means you can get now a Denon SC6000m for 1479 Euro what is the same or maybe 20 bucks cheaper as for the SC6000 without motorized platter.

What does this mean? any suggestions? Is Sc6000m EoL ( maybe newer hardware in the pipe) or do we see an upcoming Xmas promotion for the units, like Denon did for the SC5000m before? Or is it a normal permanent price drop? Who knows more about it? Can anyone clarify? Did the price drop in other countries too?

Maybe a campaign to boost sales.

Well, in the Netherlands, most popular shop sells it now 1549. Other shop 1494€ For the M… so it is dripping everywhere probably.

I’ve mentioned that (the company that owes me a complete Denon dj setup) raised the prices for most Denon gear: SC6000 now to 1.699, SC6000m to 1.899 and the X1850 to 1399.

Here in UK I bought the prime set in January for 3750 from getinthemix. After checking the price it’s actually gone up to 3853.

I also see that thomann has it at 1290 same price as the non M.

The 5000m took 4 price drops. Brand new when released it was $2200 cdn. Then it dropped to $1999 cdn and that’s when I bought it. Then it dropped to $1799 cdn and now sits at $1199 cdn brand new.

Friend of mine ordered a Pio V10 in june his ETA is now end of December and i have been wating months for a Boss DD8 delay.

Can’t see how anyone has the appetite to release a new product in this current climate!

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why not? that can help to claim the crown. Leading companies don’t stand still and they find ways to deliver new Hardware.

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I’m sure, that they are heavily working on Updates in the Background, but testing takes time … no one needs faulty updates, or?

ask again when you reach the 66 mate

The issue is that lead times on manufacturing and shipping are going to be crazy long. I imagine even prototyping and other parts of the manufacturing process are way slower than usual.

See here.

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You’re kinda counting the chickens before the hatch perhaps.

We’ll have to wait and see just as always. At least we get to know an engine 2.0 coming and things aren’t stagnant and stalling.

It must suck for the staff in the know who have to holdback what is next and read everybody’s reasoning for what they think is happening.

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