Engine DJ 2.0

Hey Did someone saw today the announcement of the streaming special with Sébastien Leger for next Tuesday? It says Engine DJ 2.0 special. …… Is the update finally coming ?


Maybe. It’ll be nice to see what the engineers have been methodically working on, behind the scenes, uninterrupted for the last few months.

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Where did you see this ad?

:roll_eyes: Could be! Let’s wait and see.

may be something long awaited new is incomin’, it is an official DenonDJ advertise. Goose bumps


We continue our series of live streams to bring you one shared vision - streaming in the DJ booth with @Beatport LINK! Filmed at Destino, Ibiza this is a special stream incorporating live elements!

https://fal.cn/3iyzX https://twitter.com/denon_dj/status/1442851680433889280/photo/1


My spider senses are tingling …there’s definitely something on the way.

If you look at one of the recent Laidback Luke videos, have you noticed an iPad running Algoriddim DJay featured fairly prominantly in a couple of shots?

As well as streaming stuff, My money’s on Engine 2 featuring tighter integration with DJay

EDIT - New video dropped a couple of hours ago …just viewing now. It may not be quite the official integration i was hoping for, but still interesting


This is not new (stem separation). It’s been around for more than a year now, from Atomix in VirtualDJ and Algoriddim in Djay Pro AI.

Algoriddim adding controller support for the Prime stuff is maybe new, but Atomix had it in 2020.

This adds credibility to both Vdj and Algoriddim.

Actually this is a shift. iPad/iPhone running things will eventually become defacto.

It’s basically what I use now. So this is good news to me

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Getting the screens to work must be tough

They should try to use the screen. But an iPhone is something you keep in your pocket and you do get situational awareness from the iPhone screen.

Think about it for a sec… you can DJ from your iPhone/iPad practically the same as a laptop. People who use an iPhone are on it most of the time in their personal time.

Also Engine DJ is the umbrella for both engine prime and engine OS. We might see eos 2.0 and ep 2.0.

If Engine would work with my Djay pro on my Ipad and I could use this way the itunes mediathek from my ipad it would be perfect time to buy a denon Controller My dream would be a prime go in combination with my IPad, that would be a small but professional gear for travelling

The best engine would be able to do with djay is to import it’s collection. Djay support is strictly for the gear.

It would be nice for engine to be able to process neural mix exports though.

Next century

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Of course it is, any user here could have seen it when older users started poppin’ up with “Beta user” tags next to their usernames. :+1:

Only question is how much will be updated in Engine Prime.

If they added DJ suffix that’s usually for DJ software (Rekordbox → Rekordbox DJ) but let’s be fair, there is no way in hell they did that with no hardware of their own to launch with it.

A new look for the software, smart playlists, and music streaming enhancements are my predictions. I also predict a lot of praises from some and heartbreaks for others :joy:

The only 2 things I care about is full spectrum beatgrid editing on deck and a 2ch type mixer.

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of course it would be awesome when more AI functionality will be implemented soon



For me that sounds maybe comin in the far future for a later Version, but for now, we could be very happy when DenonDJ releases a really stable Version 2 with Bug Fixes and a bunch of long awaited feature requests.

I wasn’t talking about AI functionality. More like importing the files that are produced from neural mix for music management purposes.

Importing them is one thing, but having AI capabilities implemented, lets us do these things on the fly in real time. That’s what I love to see in the future…

Have you notice the “DJAY Gear” sticker above the SHIFT button ?

It’s just a sticker.

DJayGEAR is a Dutch rental company…

DJayGEAR - rental for professionals

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