How can I prepare Beatport LINK playlists?

hi guys, this must been asked a thousand times…

On the Prime Go or Engine Software:

i have a Beatport Link, its great, but i have no way to create and edit tracks into playlists. Also no rating etc…

Am i missing something obvious? How can i see and edit Beatport Link songs in Engine Prime?

In Rekordbox, i can just drag the songs into a playlist, then edit, order and practice it, so at least i can order it later on for final sets. Only then can I see the playlists in the Prime Go.

Is this all a licensing thing or something?

Dont get me wrong, its still worth it because for me, Beatport Link is freaking awesome and I the believe its the future of DJ-ing, along with Tidal and Spotify and all those other streaming platforms.

Thanks w


You have to do it on Beatport, not on Prime (currently). Hopefully this is something that will be changed in the future, but for now click the track you want, and then add to playlist on Beatport.


Such a pain in the ass. :crossed_fingers: they change this with an update


yeah man big time

everybody who use Beatport should vote on this…

In the mean time, i prep everything is Rekordbox…then order it on Beatport

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The new Beatport Link DJ web app has also made this so much easier. Before managing playlists on Beatport was so wonky I used to use Djay Pro to create playlists then export / upload them.

If you squint, now you can almost see a future where if you mainly used Link you don’t really need to touch Engine Prime at all.

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Same problem with Tidal here. You can only see the Playlist- not very useful. You can’t add songs to prepare list or create an own list. In Rekordbox it’s much easier and you have more options to manage tracks and rate then

I hope we get an update soon

Not ideal but I use serato to organise my streaming playlist to sort by key, playing order etc.

@Ste_barrow can you walk us through exactly what you’re doing?

You make a Beatport Link playlist in Serato, import it to Engine Prime, then export to your GO, and the GO recognises that it’s a Beatport playlist?

Yeah this is what I do with Rekordbox, i ASSUME its the same for Serato…

I dont convert cue points from Rekordbox, that is a bit problematic. But playlists i can export from Rekordbox into Denon Go.

I think Denon is working hard to get this integrated into Prime Engine. I guess the whole streaming and 3rd party online music storage is a pain to get stable.

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Adding to the thread. Is there a way when playing a Beatport link playlist to recognize when a track has been already played?

Does it not go green?

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Just the first two track that have been already uploaded. Then the green disappear. I was doing a trial set last night and played a track twice in a short time … embarrassing : ) By the way this is for Beatlink playlists I have just checked again now and I can confirm that as soon as I upload a new track then the other one stops been green, Maybe there is a setting I am missing?

Hi Mufasa, Just to let you know that th tracks are now turning green after been played. As I was setting up Dropbox I had to insert the SD card which I had not done previously and I think that sorted the issue. I am very pleased.

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I have made a bug report, about the tracks not turning green, here:

Also have found a work around, by scolling the tracks out of sight and back, they magicly turn green when played. Or switch playlist does the trick too.

I can talk you through. Bit late, but still.

I use Serato DJ Pro. I can connect 1 streaming service at a time. So lets connect Beatport. This gives you the possibility to use the ‘build in’ playlists of Beatport. Then you can press the + button to make an own playlist, under Beatport. And drag drop tracks to that. You can add numerous own playlists like that. They will show up also on the beatport website, under your profile. You can only add Beatport tracks to Beatport playlists, not tracks of your own to that playlist

The advantage of Serato is that you can sort on bmp and key, temporary. The playlist order is the way (order) you add the trackts to the playlist, one by one. That is not cool sometimes, if I have a playlist with 40 tracks and I want to add one as number 3, then I have to make a new playlist and add the tracks one by one by one to get my new order.

You do not have to sychronize the playlistst. Once made in Serato, just power on the Denon gear, log into Beatport and there it is.

Same for Tidal.

I make playlists per genre, per bpm. Because it is not possible to sort the tracks on BPM or Key when using streaming services on the Denon gear. Made a feature request of that

But for real, why is this not possible in Engine DJ on the pc?

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That’s the workaround I’ve been waiting for, cheers for that


I believe I am a big user of streaming services. I really mis alot, like good preppin, like sort on bpm and key. But I found my way around it. And I can manage. I already had Serato before, now I use it for preppin. And I have hope that Denon Dj wil deliver more features for us. Because, as they say it, streaming services is the future. But the future is now! For me and others.


Yeah, I’ve come from Serato, so still use it with DVS, and this is what I found hard in managing my playlists for Beatport, so will work great now.

Be better when Denon sort it themselves, and also when they get the offline locker (hopefully) but great shout for now.

Here is my workflow. I’m not in love with it, but it works pretty well:

Streaming Track Prep workflow

  1. (optional if playlists already exist) add tracks from Beatport link to beatport link playlists in rekordbox or on beatport or beatport dj app (all point to the same beatport source)
  2. Prep streaming tracks in rekordbox via beatport link playlists
    • BPM
    • beat grids
    • key
    • tags
      • energy level
      • sub-genre
      • vocals
  3. Drag tracks from beatport playlists to Rekordbox playlists
  4. Use Lexicon to synch Lexicon library from Rekordbox library (or playlist by playlist)
  5. Then use Lexicon to Convert Lexicon library (or playlist by playlist) to Engine DJ
  6. Use Engine DJ sync manager to export playlists to thumb drive/Sata drive in the sc6000
    • note - you won’t be able to play or view any of these tracks in Engine DJ, but they will be listed in the play list and in a red color
  7. plug in thumb drive to denon media player and navigate to the thumb drive as source - media player should recognize the rekordbox library when starting up with thumb drive inserted or when inserting thumb drive after player is already powered on
  8. stream the prepared tracks from the thumb drive
    • will appear red in the playlist, but when loaded to a deck the track will be downloaded from beatport link with metadata (bpm, hot cues, key, etc) from rekordbox-lexicon-engine
      • won’t be auto analyzed by the media player after downloading
      • noticing a small nudge in beat grids which can be shifted on the fly on the deck BUT hot cues don’t move with the grid…a bit frustrating

Any suggestions to improve this are appreciated. Sounds like the Serato route might be less painful.

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Agree 100%. Can’t find the feature to vote on it though.