Hide Waveforms and BPM

Hi there. I’m relatively new to the forum and have only posted a few times so apologies if I am doing this wrong or this topic has already been covered, but I’d like to know if anyone else would be interested in an option to hide waveforms and BPM on screen


I want that, too!



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Covering the screens is ok, but with the ability to hide that info you’d still be able to select the next track without having to remove whatever you’re covering it with each time. Would be a great way to learn beginners how to rely on noting but their ears. I noticed at the beginning I was relying to much on visual aid and that’s never a good thing


Exactly. I’d use that for open deck nights but also just for myself because I find that stuff distracting… eventually making me soft & lazy no matter how hard I try not to look… you get glances and it influences your beatmatching decisions. On a CDJ-900 covering up the bpm with a sticker works because that spot is used for nothing else.

This is also a useful feature request for open deck nights:


I had a read through the replies on your other thread and someone suggested opening up your library screen, which is a good idea, and I do often do as I’m always on the search for my next track, but the BPM is still there on the bottom right of your crates.

Some people are naturally drawn towards it, it can’t be helped. It’s not a massive issue, but would be nice to have the option to switch it off.

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I’d rather have the browser screen mini bpms on the bottom left show pitch, and I don’t really want to see bpm in the browser columns, either, but there are other requests out there to customize the selections of the columns. The other issue right now of trying to keep the browser up all the time is 1) it defaults back to the HUD, 2) you need the HUD to jump around in the whole waveform with touch, and 3) you need the HUD for changing the key.

Have you tried hooking your deck up serato yet? I have and it looks to me to be similar to what you are requesting. Would that be along the lines of what you want to see on the denon decks?

I have not tried Serato in years.

I got a good deal on an akia amx and though why not. When I got hid going and I saw what came up on the screen your feature request came mind.

I just switched from Serato to the Prime set up recently because I wanted to get away from the laptop, so hooking up my laptop doesn’t really appeal to me.

Oh, here’s another request related to this…


Any or all three of these feature requests would be welcome. If I can’t have all three of them, then I’m sort of agnostic on which single one to choose to get to this end result.

The owner lockout one, IMO, would be essential with any of them, though.

My only issue with waveform is how do you know where your track is at? Even on vinyl, you could look at the track and gauge the length of time left, and before anyone says know your music, sometimes you just want to look and see!!

Absolutely hide BPM…

If you look at the mini waveform - which is on show even on library menu - at the bottom of your screen, there is a white line that shows which point in the track you are.

I’m not interested in hiding the whole waveform at the bottom of the screen, rather getting rid of the moving waveform.

I can work with that

Some may see this as nit-picking, but I just want to be clear that this isn’t a problem. I just think it would be a nice feature to have the option to remove all waveforms and BPM visuals from the screen, therefore forcing people, if they so wish to, to rely only on their ears.

I can completely live without this though.

There’s a secret button on the deck called View. Now I know it’s not totally what you asked for because for one, you will have to press it every time you load a track but It’s as close as it will probably get.

Just a little workaround until this feature request makes it through. :grinning:

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And it still has bpm. And you can’t use whole waveform jumping or change key.

:laughing: Cheers for that, Wyley. I have used this method and it’s the best work around you’ll get, for sure.

I can’t see Denon adding this, and I also knew this wouldn’t be high in demand either but, I must admit, I thought maybe a little more people would have been interested in this feature than there appears to be.

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Until they add the “key” feature to the pads. And who cares for wave surfing there’s still the old skool way of jumping through tracks right?:wink: