Hi all New to Denon full stop

Just bought a Denon mcx8000 after a few months deciding the best option for me, dj’ing for 25 years, finally took the plunge and bought a digital mixer/controller - running vdj 2020 and SS but wanted more control over lights as my analogue mixer, just wasnt up to it for mapping… Looking fora bit more info on connectivityfor StagelinQ and mapping buttons if poss. on the mcx to use with SS. ps although there are a few vids out there regaring connecting, they dont get into too much depth regarding connectivity… TIA…

I found it easier to map a secondary controller to Soundswitch, something like the Numark Orbit or Akai APC 40 MKII (if you need faders) things can get really brain melting if I map the same main DJ controller.

You don’t need Stagelinq to use Soundswitch.

Not sure what plans Denon has for that Stagelinq port on the MCX8000.

Soundswitch works with Virtual DJ on the laptop.

Congrats :confetti_ball:


Thanks for that. I just thought, watching videos it enhanced the products… Yeah i can connect SS to VDJ no problems, mapped to my channel faders, i will have to look at adding my akai mini as well to give on the fly midi control as well…

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