What's up with StageLinq?

Does anybody know the status of this feature? It’s seamed really interesting nut there hasn’t been any information since the trade shows.

I think they are hard at work at it, now that the Prime series are being released.

I don’t know for You but i pay mine with the StageLinq feature included. If Denon DJ can’t give it, they need to give us a coupon or a rebate for some another stuff.

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Hi Guys we are working with a number of 3rd party companies currently to support them in implementing this into their lighting/events software and hardware.


I have always known that Stagelinq was a feature in the making and at the very best would hit the market end of 2016/early 2017. And in this business things tend to lag behind the original launch dates anyway … So never really worried that much about it.

I know that nothing is ever certain in the tech world, especially with deadline. But without any significant communication I was beginning to worry that the feature might have been axed. I had heard and read of potential partnerships with Sound Switch and I’m considering soundswitch but don’t want to purchase their hardware if my controller already has the capability built in. I mean how sweet would that be!? It’s nice to hear from the Denon staff that it is being worked on.

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I suspect there might be some sort of Dongle involved. I don’t know of any lights that uses a Lan cable.

I have Soundswitch

That makes sense. Probably an Ethernet to DMX box. Hopefully it doesn’t need another power supply. I’m in the process of building an all in one system in a coffin with a Mac Mini running serato with the MCX8000. I’m just looking for the right monitor. All these pieces need power and it getting kinda crazy.

as most lights available are all DMX controlled that seems like the most logical route.

I really want to use Stage LinQ or something handy for triggering DMX and visuals.

When can we expect such kind of system?

I would also like to know.

From what I understood, StageLinQ is basically the same thing as the SoundSwitch box?

Hi Folks

This is an SDK which has been provided to a number of 3rd party developers of Lighting Software, VFX units and lighting fixtures we hope to see the first released integrations in the coming months.

I really want to use Stage LinQ or something handy for triggering DMX and visuals.

When can we expect such kind of system?

You can learn about one of the first partners here http://www.marqlighting.com/software

Hi There,

Any progress since them. I want to buy the MCX but wanted more info on Stage LinQ

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No new news on stagelink or the pryo side yet?

DENON! are you listening ?


So what’s the deal? I see several products that ‘support stagelinq’ but the all seem to just go USB out to a laptop that connects via other means. I didn’t pay for that. I paid for a product that advertised that it would be able to output the data through the stagelinq port… we are getting pretty close to an unreasonable period of time to wait for this feature… especially with the prime 4 out.

There was some demos of the MCX8000 with Resolume at a trade fair a while back. The feature must exist in some form buried somewhere in a beta.