Help with BeatGrid - off grid for first 20secs -all the time (!?)

recently got Prime 4+ - its pretty cool but about half my music when analysed - the first 20secs are off time, then magically snap to be correct 20secs in (see picture). This happens across any file, from music bought, music I’ve produced and music I’ve ripped and seems to happen at exactly the same moment. (also doesn’t matter whether its analysed on the prime or in the app)

I have tried reanalysing with different settings but no change. Placing anchors only seems to make it worse - so the option is either a grid that is completely wrong, or one that is rock solid but only after the first 20secs of the track

What can I do here? is there a third party engineDJ compatible beat detection software? is there an easy fix? Is there a wicked tip for better beat detection?

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Try “reanalysis” 2 times.

If that doesn’t work, upload one of the track, I can check if I get the same result

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What’s the name of the track on screen? I’ll download it and try to analyse in Engine Desktop to see what happens. I assume these are all dance music?

yep, mostly techno. try Viral Magenta (original mix) by Eerie Revolver or She Is Music - Dubstramental by Psycatron, Blake Baxter

I tried reanalysing multi times, doesnt change it. Errr is it okay to post uploaded music here? Dont want to be booted…

Ive downloaded the first one from iTunes, loaded it into the desktop app and it auto analysed, looks perfect to me?

ah thanks for that - I’m wondering if its my files - some of my older collection seems to be in .M4A format - just looking to see if only happens to them…

Haven’t heard of anyone being booted because of a single track uploaded for troubleshooting purposes.

You can send it via PM to me and @STU-C

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This one is .M4A too as that’s the format used by Apple… if you have iTunes it might be worth buying the track to cross test? it was 79p in the UK.

As Mufasa said though, send it across via WeTransfer or something to our messages and we can try it for you.

It doesn’t seem to be happening to every mp4a files which is confusing… Okay I converted one of the Mp4a files to a MP3 - and it worked straight off the bat - looks like I have squirrelly files poisoning my collection Try this Flug track…this is the one that made me think it was a file problem as I had 2 versions, one was fine ,the other not

Ooop moved the link to a PM, sorry a bit new to this forum…

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No probs, I grabbed the link anyway, ive just loaded into my Engine and yes the beat grid is off, I then converted it to MP3 in iTunes and its gridded perfectly so it must be some issue with your files… what that issue is, is way beyond my knowledge level but some of the guys on here might be able to chip in with some advice.

your copy of the track may have been sourced from vinyl, so it drifts a tiny bit.

i tested a tidal copy and its straight 136bpm.

tidal streams m4a.

your copy starts at 136.5 then drops to 135.5 then finishes at 136.

tested this on tidal as well, straight 127, no drifts

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Thanks for your help -looks like I’ve found some weird edge case

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Thanks, interesting Traktor never picked it up - unless it caused it :thinking:

Its off in Traktor too.

Its the source file

It was fine in Serato for me though?

see thats weird! because it rock solid in my Traktor -see this shot from the same position you’ve shown there in both my good and bad files of the same track

show the beginning in traktor

sorry wrong one - this one… both seem fine (I’ve DJ’d this track a few times now too on my S4)

i’m not getting a straight grid in Traktor with your file.

If there is one thing i am pretty confident of, it is how to grid a track.

That file drifts.