Help! Why don,t see ,the 1 deck ? (with link)

sc 5000 why don,t see hard drive the 1deck (ssd samsung 1tb exfat)N

Perhaps the database is too big?

If a combined database size in the Engine Library folder is larger than 2.4 Gb, the database will only be loadable by the local player. Multiple factors determine the size of the database files including, how many files are in the database, if these files are pre-analyzed, how long the files are and if the files contain album art.

I have a hard disc ssd 1tb with 40,000 songs, this is my colection. I pass them to the engine and I get a 5gb database, ok? How do I see them in both players? (I use only the 400gb of the hard disk when it will fill what will happen?) How can I look at both players since the database will grow even more?

With large collections, you can keep each library small by Having two drives, with half the library on each drive and each drive with its own medium size database.

How do I do that, did not I understand?

Move 20,000 of your tracks onto a different drive and make a new library for each drive.

To make a partition on the hard drive ;

No. Two drives. Half the collection on one drive, The other half of the collection on the 2nd drive.

Or… get a second hard drive for the other player and have the entire collection on each drive. No one would go out professionally with just one hard drive anyway

Hi Guys

What is the best Hard Drive, USB Stick, SD Card to use with Engine Prime and the SC5000 players? any advice welcome.


I use the seagate 2 TB with over 15000 songs. Last weekend I played a set of 7 hours with the denon sc 5000’s. During the whole evening I had 0 problems. Everything went very smooth.

Before last weekend, I used the Pio’s. Now for me DENON is the real standard. What a fine product in corporation with the denon x1800.



Is it a portable or desktop hard drive?

I’ve tried both with 30,000 tracks and the search is very very slow. Might try a SSD with them.

Those are portable seagate hard drives (Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB), first formated to exfat. Both harddrives contain more than 15000 tracks in 320 kb mp3 and FLAC.

From search function to play function, everything is really quick. The workflow is much quicker and smoother then my Pio’s.

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I have a seagate portable 1tb formatted to exfat mbr and must say no problems . When hou plug it in it takes about a minute to get ready but then it is really quick About 20.000 songs on it

I’m using a Lexar 128GB USB3.0 thumbdrive formatted to FAT and it’s super quick and responsive


I’ve had no problem loading my 2Tb Hard drive from engine prime, and no problem using it at all except the 2nd player can’t read the files from it. It sees the hard drive, but that is all. It doesn’t matter which deck I plug it into, it will only see and play the file on that deck.

Any ideas?


If a combined database size in the Engine Library folder is larger than 2.4 Gb, the database will only be loadable by the local player

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I know this has been mentioned already, but is the drive formatted to FAT32 ? Format the drive to exFat to overcome the limitations of the 4GB FAT32 partition file size.

Appreciate this would be an issue for compatibility with the other media players.

Denon need to look into these database and file limitations, which I am sure they are.

Personally I always use a drive with database for each player, prevents any limitations or issues.

There are no issues for smaller collections, but multi genre DJs such as mobiles carry very large collections with them to cover all bases.

I am sure the improvements are being made, it is early days. The SC5000s are pioneering players, no pun intended lol :smile:

Thank you.

So I take it there is no way round this?

That’s how it is…

… Currently

With 6 USB ports and 2 SD slots per pair of SC5000s, there’s nothing to stop a collection being on more than one drive/thumb drive.

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I have a hard disk ssd 1tb (400 €) I want to have my songs gathered to do a song search on a hard disk and not to connect 2-3 hard drives, can this be done?