Help! Why don,t see ,the 1 deck ? (with link)

Yes. But not across two players/four layers… such a big database can’t be read across the network.

… at the moment.

But can be read by the local player / two layers perfectly.

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Thank you, I believe to fix it in the future

I carry an external SSD Drive (5TB) with appx 3TB of music. Yes, I realize that is a lot more than I would ever need but I like having it all in one place (less the backup I keep on my NAS). Are there any limitations to the SC5000 in connecting an external HD? How much data can it read and will there be any latency issues? Serato doesn’t like it very much but is manageable. Just takes quite a bit of time (a couple seconds) to figure out what it wants to do when searching for a song. I have the most powerful Mac available but it doesn’t seem to matter much.

The ideal is 2TB device in any one USB port - however, you’ve got 3 USB ports (and an SD card port) per unit.

So, if you were to split your 3tb collection onto 2 x 2TB drives, you’ve got a whole TB of space left

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I’m in the same boat, 4tb on my drives, I don’t really think its practical to have three drives. I think the reason is because the media players share the drives, I am willing to test it out eventually when I buy it with one 4tb drive on each unit.

I give it a year before these forums start seeing posts about “My NAS box won’t keep up with me when I load 4 tracks at once onto my two dual layers” :smile:

DJs changing more and more to lossless or uncompressed formats with higher quality. Therefore i see many DJs switching to those formats and re-rip their collection because they changing their mind a get a aware of quality sound. So do I the same right now. The GB size-standard seems to get irrelevant, measure the sizes in TB will get more and more attention in the future.

To split isn’t that nice, but i’ll think you will always have the need to backup the collection in many ways. Why not split it for on two or more devices. For a backup at home i’ll recommend having a NAS. You could have essential DJ Tracks on every device as backup and the rest of your collection just splittet on those the other hard drives. Right now i have a NAS as backup, a external HDD as Backup and the internal HDD with my entire collection.

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A 4tb SSD? I think this means your dealing with some sort of RAID configuration, multiple dives looking like one drive. The speed limitation you are talking about has more to do with the RAID controller (if there is a physical RAID controller, software RAID will slow things down further) and then the USB bus speed. Long story short, looking for a tag among 4tb of small files on a USB connection, is going to be slow… The rest of the computer is almost irrelevant. Also, if this is a RAID 0 configuration, I would recommend you stop using it, as if any one of the to drives fail, you lose everything. Meaning you are doubling your chances of having a failure.

You are aware that (single unit) 4TB SSDs are already available on the market, aren’t you? I could link you to the Samsung unit, but I’m not sure if that is allowed on the forum.

Sure, link away … however don’t feel that you instantly have to jump on SSD technology. Standard hard drives have caches, e.g.: 32mb cache, 64mb cache etc although you usually have to dig into the drives specs to find the hard drive cache size out. If the cache is larger than each file you’re likely to load, you’ll get fantastic performance even without SSD price tags.

Understood, but they are some serious cash. Most solutions I have seen would incorporate multiple drives in RAID. Seems like a lot of change to spend on low IO storage. Your file index​ location would be stored on a hdd cache, so really the only thing the SSD here buys you here is better reliability. Once the dive is spinning loading a single file won’t be that much faster on a SSD.

It’s all relative, man. I mean, think back to how much $$$ you would spend on vinyl/styli back in the day. Now compare that to how cheap Lossless files cost and you can more than justify spending $1K on storage. Well, at least I can. Vinyl was EXPENSIVE!!! I’m looking at over $12K of it now and that’s after selling over 80% of what I had in my collection.

I guess this is true. The only difference being its a lot easier to run off with 2k in SSDs vs 2k of Vinyl :joy: Kind of reminds me of that that seen from Oceans 11 where the robbers are trying a hit and run out of the casino.

Not forgetting that there’s also the storage of vinyl.

At one point in my early DJ career, I was taking my vinyl collection around in 14 flight cases. I also had to consider that for every 50 to 80 vinyls I’d buy, I had to budget for $50 to $100 for another vinyl flight case. Take away all the vinyls and that was still about $1000 on flight cases.

One thing to consider, above all else is your professional “Plan B”. It’s great that one hard drive or even one memory stick can, thanks to technology, give music to 8 layers/4 decks on the Prime series. But… What if someone steals that hard drive or tips a beer over it etc…? Party over ?

Wouldn’t it be better to have 2 x $200 drives, rather than 1 x $400 drive - or indeed just 1 of any drive

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I have redundancies of the redundancies of my redundancies!!

I Don’t Know if anyone is actually Using what they list above, I have a 256 GB Samsung SSD External Drive. I have the recommended 10,000 limit to a Crate which is only about 130 GB. All my music is MP3 320. The external drive has been synced with Engine Prime. When I attach the drive to my SC5000 it Freezes. Period. I have tried this with a 64GB and a 32GB drives, the only thing I can think of is using Ethernet to attach both decks, but why should that Matter? On my Four Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 I can attach just one SSD and search my entire library from any CDJ.

I don’t know what I have done wrong, and actually this is getting annoying, it appears that there is an extreme limitation on how you input your USB’s or SD cards. I would think all you would have to do is install them and you could Easly search all devices from one location, this does not appear to be the case and splitting up libraries is completely pointless that is an absolute pain.

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Yes. The decks must be linked for drive share to work, with any size drive

I know that I have to do that . The problem is that you can’t have 10,000 songs! it hangs up not only on the drive it is connected to forget the fact that ethernet will even work. I streamlined the library to 7500 and it connected but very slow and around 5000 seems to be acceptable. So I would say right now in my tests with a Samsung T3 a library of 5000 is acceptable.

Further I attached a Second T3 Drive and added 5000 songs and Same Problem as before the SC5000’s Hung on “Updating” So you cannot have 2 Drives with an extensive library of songs.

I fear to see what would happen with FLAC flies etc.

Another thing I wanted to mention is why are our POSTS monitored? Why when I submit something in this Forum does it go into waiting for approval land? I am sure there are other places where the users of Denon Equipment can get answers without waiting for someone to monitor their issues? Is Denon afraid of something while they are trying to sell their stuff???

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It’s an anti-Spam and anti-troll system. Only affects new forum users. It usually goes after a few clear posts.