Help setting up Subwoofer

Morning i have just been given a Sunfire true Eq it looks lovely & i want to add it i have some dmx cable that will fit in the back but where do i plug the other ends in the X1850 mixer Im running with 2 sc6000

Personally I wouldn’t use a DMX cable to send audio down as they have different properties and could colour the sound. I’d use XLR audio cables for better sound quality as DMX cable has a specific purpose and that is for sending lighting commands.

Both XLR and RCA jacks can be used as a master out together so you could connect an XLR cable from the master out and put that into the input on the back (being a single driver sub it only has one input).

You could take the RCA master out from the mixer (I can see that is already used) and put that into the RCA stereo input on the sub and then add your main high frequency drivers to the back of the sub as an output. This depends on what other speakers you’re using. You need some top end and I’m curious what you’re using.

Thank you, i have krk rokit r6 this sounds like it might not work?

Yes sorry its the XLR cable with jacks I have not DMX sorry i have no idea can you tell

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Probably the quickest way is to connect the XLR out in the mixer to the XLR input on the sub using an XLR audio cable.

Maybe connect the Rokits to the speaker output on the sub and take the RCA out on the mixer to the RCA in on the sub?

I found the RCAs sounded better on my Prime 4 than the XLRs but that could just be my unit.

the XLR cable Ive got is XLR plug one end with jacks the other like i have in the picture in the back of the mixer as the company i bought them from sent me 2 lots of cabling, sorry to sound thick thats because i am, & thank you for you help

ideal i can follow that ill give it a go, again thank you so much

Hang fire. I just noticed they are inputs on the sub.

Nobody’s thick here. Some people just grasp things a little differently so no worries.

What plug goes into the Rokits? The XLRs? If we know what you already have we can advise on the best connection without spending too much on cables. You may have a few RCA to RCA phono cables lying about that may make it cheaper.

So you have two XLR cables going into the Rokits and RCA (phono) jacks doing out of the mixer?

You will most probably need another cable or two. A possible quick-fix combination is:

XLR to XLR cable (the master XLR out on the mixer to the balanced XLR input on the sub could work if you have one.

You could go: The mixers master output to the speaker input then speaker output to sub input.

There’s a few ways. Maybe someone can help that has this particular sub and can match it the best way as not to cause any phasing.

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Yes there XLR in the Rokits, ok ill give it a go i do have a couple of XLR joiners so ill go XLR to XLR see if that works thanks again.

Just to be cheeky on your knowledge im looking at a turn table to go with my set up just so i can play some old 12" bangers ive had a while & cant play them, do you have any suggestions not too up market a good allrounder sorry should i put that in another chat


Master Single XLR out (toggle to mono on the top panel of the mixer)—> Sub XLR input


Master RCA out to sub RCA


then from Sub Output (line level high pass output) RCA —> KRK Single RCA cable goes to the input for each KRK monitor (Left to left speaker, Right to Right speaker)

Sub Settings

Adjust the crossover settings on the back of the sub as desired.


That’s exactly what i was gonna suggest too mufasa.

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This is the way I originally suggested but deleted it (sorry if you already saw it @Ganner as you may have wondered why it disappeared).

As for turntables, it depends if you’re mixing. Lots of people like the Hanpin models which are many of the turntables on the market. Pioneer DJ and Reloop seem okay for the money and with Black Friday upcoming you may find a deal or two online. Bop DJ have a few here but their sales don’t seem to have started fully DJ Turntables | USB and Vinyl Turntables from Technics, Pioneer, Reloop, Audio Technica & Stanton | Bop DJ

These would all do for listening to vinyl and the odd mix on them if they are direct drive.

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Not really necessary IMO as the bass end of the audio will be mono anyway, in most cases.

I think its because the Sub only has one XLR in PK, that would mean a stereo signal potentially loses one of its channels and only passes through to the KRK’s the data from the one channel you have output the mixer. Changing to Mono would send the whole signal to the sub through one cable.

Sure, if you’re going to use the sub as a crossover and connect the KRKs to the high pass outs, then send the mixer signal to the RCA ins.

You could use the XLR in if you want to keep the KRKs full range. Leave the mixer to KRK cable as is, and add the sub by using XLR from mixer to sub.

thank you all so much for your help very much appreciated

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I went with Master RCA out to sub RCA had some spare cables so i went this way thank you. After all that when i turn it all up the sub on one side distorts abit but at normal ish level its fine

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It’s probably been overdriven at some point then, and the driver has bottomed out.

ok it seams fine at lower levels shame, looking for a repair looks like no one dose it never mind we will keep spinning