HELP! Accidentally deleted my entire music library

Hello guys, I’m in serious trouble here! I accidentally deleted my entire music library on my computer, but I have the songs on the Prime 4 internal SSD. How do I transfer the files to my computer?

The same way as putting music on the Prime4. Put Prime4 in controller mode. Then copy from the internal drive to computer.

And next time: backups backups backups!

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How do you get music loaded to the prime 4 so it’s on the hard drive I’m finding this denon software is not easy to phsthom out iv got tracks loaded up in rekordbox but want them onto my engine software and also on my ssd if any one can help I’m on a Windows 10 pc thanks

@mufasa has already typed out a step list in another thread. However, I would begin clean to not make things more complicated.

  1. Put the Prime4 in controller/pc mode. See Utility menu.

  2. Prepare the SSD. See: [HOW TO] Install, Prepare and Load Music onto PRIME 4’s Internal SATA Drive

  3. Copy music to SSD, just like you would do with an external usb drive.

  4. Open Engine Prime and start making collections and crates with the external SSD as source drive.

  5. Powercycle the Prime4 when you’re all done. The unit will see the music you prepared in step 4.

For more info on Prime4, do some reading:

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Yes cheers for that reese all sorted this site full of helpfull people appreciate it guys got some music on the prime 4 s now and sorted out why the engine prime wouldn’t open properly on the pc to now it’s time to go practise on the digital way of mixing wish me luck thanks again reese

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