Hello, I just got the PRIME GO and the vinyl scratch in Deck 2 is not working, please help


I’m new with Denon products and I’m absolutely loving my Prime Go device. Although, after updating to the latest version, I noticed the vinyl scratch on deck 2 is not working. Can someone please help me? Do I have something deactivated?

Thanks for your time and help!

Hi, Strange because version 1.6.1 is supposed to fix the jog problem on the deck right? What storage medium do you use: USB key or SD card or external SSD and of what capacity and brand, the format used of this medium is FAT32 or ExFat ???

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Are there plastic film covers on the platters? If so, those need to removed. Also, since your update, have you removed the usb lead from between the computer and the prime ?

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I haven’t taken the plastics out yet, will do so. Yes, I took the usb right after the update was done, should I have left it plugged in?

No. You did the correct thing by taking it out.

I think that will help. Remove them, then power off for a few seconds, the power on again. See if that fixes

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Thank you, really appreciate.

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