Malfunction on the capacitive jog 1, freeze deck 1

have a big problem. The left capacitive touch jog freezes half the time it scratches in vinyl mode. it doesn’t always do this, but it makes vinyl mode unusable. Is this hardware problem, or firmware? I’ve tried to upgrade firmware first to 1.5.2 and then to 1.6 beta… but the problem persist!!! is there anyone with the same problem as me?


I have had this happen a few times now but on Deck 2.

The entire deck freezes after touching the jog wheel and the only solution is a reboot.

Not great. Really need this issue looked at by Denon.


Happened to me twice on Prime GO as well. Updated to 1.6 beta. Not occurring any more

I have the same problem with deck 2. Also after the update with the beta firmware 1.6.

I have the same issues

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I’m sorry to say, but with 1.6.1 I had the same issue pop up yesterday, after a longer period with no issues.