Heads up display

I have an LC connected to deck 4 on my prime 4. The heads up display gives information for deck 2. How do I get information for deck 4? Without a LC connected you simply use the deck select on the prime 4 to get corresponding display information. Deck select is inactive when an LC is connected. Any thoughts?

Did You tried Shift + view button combination?

I have an LC connected to my Prime 4 as well. I didn’t realize when i first connected it that the USB port you choose on the back of the Prime 4 coincides with which deck the LC will be listed as. Seems obvious now but USB Port 3 is for Deck 3 and Port 4 is for Deck 4. The only thing i wish i could figure out how to change is that i prefer horizontal wave forms and this set up shows all 4 waveforms, even though i am not using deck 3. I would prefer to only have 3 horizontal waveforms (Decks 1, 2, 4) because they get really small with all 4 Track information and waveforms. Hope that helps somehow.

So I tried using shift/view but the heads up display still only shows info for deck 2 hot cues, loops etc. with no way of switching to the LC on deck 4. Can anyone at Denon help?

So I now have another LC 6000 connected to my prime 4 and no change to the issues noted above. I cannot access heads up information for both LC controllers (decks 3 and 4). Only heads-up display hot cue and saved loop information available for deck 1 and 2. I’ll try 3.1.1 tonight to see if that resolves it. Are Denon aware of this problem?

Anyone have any thoughts on this? 3.1.1 has made no difference.

Maybe you should submit this ordinary post as a feature request and see how many people vote for it.

Maybe try to explain it without the term “heads up display”

I don’t think Denon announced official support of the LC6000 on the SC Live 4 so this may be the reason it isn’t “fleshed out” when using it with one. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they slide that into a firmware update at some point.

If You dive in to details of the SC Live 4, you will see that Denon did mention that LC6000 is supported.

As head-up displays are those few important details projected onto windscreens of fighter jets and some modern cars, and there’s no windscreen on Primes… should the topic title be changed to something more accurate?

Thank you for clearing that up. I was unaware they had done so. I hadn’t really considered picking one up. I’ve been looking at the Prime 4 for the occasions when my Prime Go just isn’t enough. The screen size is still a bit of a con but I think that’s more a condition of being spoiled by the SC6000s at this point. The reduced weight and cost with the option of toting an LC or two along makes it a bit more appealing to me.

I got a SC Live 4 and it’s great. I also have the SC 6000. The smaller display is not a problem, just need to get used to it.

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I think this is the term for it in Engine DJ, unless the poster is talking about something else?

  • Performance Pad Heads-Up Display - All Engine DJ devices now offer the performance pad heads-up display. This allows the user to easily see Hot Cue and Loop names, loaded Samples, and other performance pad info directly from the main display. The performance pad heads-up display can be toggled on/off via the control center swipe-down menu.

From the Engine DJ/OS V3 release notes: 🚀 Engine DJ v3.0.0 Now Available - Drop Sampler, Engine Remote Library, Pad Display + More!


Ah ok - seems an odd use of the term heads up but, if it’s following the manual then ok.

I suppose “head not gazing toward serato screen” wouldn’t fit in the manual lol


So I’m guessing there currently is no way of viewing deck 3/4 info when 2 LC”s are connected to a prime 4. Hopefully Denon will take note and correct the problem in the next update. Or do I need to post a feature request?

I think a request may be in order here if it doesn’t do it. Hopefully it gathers some traction for you as it’s useful.