🚀 Engine DJ v3.0.0 Now Available - Drop Sampler, Engine Remote Library, Pad Display + More!

Hi Everyone,

We’re very excited to announce that Engine DJ v3.0.0 is now available for both desktop and hardware platforms. This release brings two very exciting and highly requested features, a built-in drop Sampler, the first of its kind for standalone DJ systems, and the ability to access your complete Engine DJ computer collection from Engine DJ hardware wirelessly (and wired).

3.0 also brings a new database (still compatible with 2.x.x builds), which improves overall performance and lays the groundwork for new futures set to come in the next updates. A new heads-up pad display for all devices and the ability to reset to factory or recall the last used FX parameter values when changing FX. More FX goodies yet to come (be sure to watch the video below until the end) :wink: .

As always, thank you for your feedback, and we hope you enjoy this update.

Release Notes

Engine DJ Performance Software for Hardware (OS)

New Features

  • Drop Sampler - Introducing the first built-in Sampler for standalone DJ systems and media players. All Engine DJ devices now offer 8 slots to store and trigger one-shot style samples. Samples can be loaded to the sample slots from the library by swiping the desired sample to the right and tapping the desired pad at the bottom of the screen or a physical pad on a deck in Sampler mode. The new Sampler pad mode can be accessed on Engine DJ hardware by holding Shift and pressing the Roll pad mode button. Loaded samples are retained in their sample slots after the power cycles and even after the media source has been ejected. The sampler output volume can also be adjusted from the Control Center menu.
  • Engine Remote Library - Access the entire Engine DJ (Desktop) music collection from Engine DJ hardware over Wi-Fi or wired networks without packing a drive. Engine Remote Library also makes it easier to prepare hot cues and loops, and make beat grid adjustments with physical hardware controls. Playlist and performance data updates are reflected on both Engine DJ hardware and the desktop collection in real-time.
  • Sampler Content - In addition to the Sampler, all Engine DJ devices now include a broad selection of preloaded samples. Samples include complete drum kits, scratch phrases, risers, impact hits, and other various effects. The sample demo content can be accessed by choosing the Sampler Content media source.
  • Performance Pad Heads-Up Display - All Engine DJ devices now offer the performance pad heads-up display. This allows the user to easily see Hot Cue and Loop names, loaded Samples, and other performance pad info directly from the main display. The performance pad heads-up display can be toggled on/off via the control center swipe-down menu.
  • Effect parameter values are now reset to the factory default values when loading new effects. When “Reset Effects Upon Load” is toggled ‘off’, the last used values per effect will be recalled instead. This new option can be found in the Mixer settings.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a Wi-Fi input/output error dialog was displayed in some scenarios.
    • Note: This version calculates Wi-Fi signal strength slightly differently than previous versions. This may result in signal strengths showing up as lower in 3.0. This does not affect the strength or quality of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • In the event that an Engine DJ hardware device fails to boot because of an “Unable to create local storage” error, the error dialog now offers a factory reset button to resolve this issue.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the effect via the FX Select knob without pressing the knob to confirm would result in the effect On/Off state showing up incorrectly (SC LIVE 2/4)
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

Engine DJ Preparation Software (Desktop)

New Features

  • Engine Remote Library - Access the entire Engine DJ (Desktop) music collection from Engine DJ hardware over Wi-Fi or wired networks without packing a drive. Once Engine DJ hardware and desktop software are connected to the same network, users can select the Engine DJ desktop collection as a media source.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved the Sync Manager mechanism for calculating Playlist and track differences between two drives
  • Fixed a Sync Manager issue that left a child playlist checked even when the parent playlist was unchecked
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during bulk analysis
  • Fixed an issue where manually relocating the same track could trigger a ‘different length’ warning, due to the rounding of track length after analysis
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a specific type of Bluetooth headphones
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

Important Notes

  • The Engine DJ 3.0 database has been refactored to improve performance.
  • On the first use of Engine DJ 3.0, Engine DJ will migrate earlier databases to the new format while maintaining the collection structure.
    • This process can take some time depending on your collection size. For larger databases on removable drives, it is recommended to use Engine DJ 3.0 on the desktop for faster database migration.
  • Be sure to upgrade well before you are in a performance environment.
  • Engine DJ 3.0 databases are backward compatible with Engine DJ 2.x.x versions.



How do I access the new Sampler pad mode?

To access Sampler pad mode, press and hold Shift and then press the Roll pad mode button.

How can I load samples to the pads?

To load a sample to the pad, open the library view and swipe the desired sample to the right. For all-in-one devices, you will have 8 pads shown on screen, tapping the desired on-screen pad or physical pad on a deck in while Sampler mode will load the sample to the pad.

On the Media Players, the workflow is slightly different. From the library, perform a partial swipe (until you see the Green LOAD button), then tap the word “Load”, you will then have 8 pads shown on screen. Tapping the on-screen pad or physical pad will load the sample. The workflow is different to avoid interrupting the established Media Player track load workflow.

How can I adjust the volume of the Drop Sampler?

To adjust the volume of the Drop Sampler, swipe down from the top of the screen to see the new Sampler Volume slider in the Control Center. Adjusting this level adjusts the overall level of the Sampler Output.

How can I stop a playing sample?

To stop a playing sample, hold Shift and press the sample pad that is currently playing.

How can I eject a sample from one of the Sampler slots/pads?

To eject or unload a sample from one of the Sampler slots/pads, first ensure you are in the library view and the sample is not currently playing, then hold Shift and press the sample pad that you wish to eject/unload.

What output is used for the Drop Sampler?

On most Engine DJ devices, the Drop Sampler is routed to the Main Outputs and the volume is controlled via the Sampler Volume slider in the Control Center.

For the Prime 4, the Drop Sampler is routed to Channel 4 and can be controlled via the Channel 4 channel strip.

Do I need an Ethernet cable to connect to Engine Remote Library?

Engine Remote Library can be accessed from Engine DJ hardware over Wi-Fi or wired networks. An Ethernet cable is not required, but can be used if preferred.

Are library and track updates automatically kept in sync while connected to Engine Remote Library?

Yes. Once connected to Engine Remote Library, all library updates such as new playlists, and performance data changes such as Hot Cues, Loops, and Beat Grid edits are automatically updated in real-time on both the hardware and computer collections


I HAVE TO RETURN AT HOME SOON!!! From the description i see a major update and yes a SAAAMPLEEEEEERRRRR.

Thank you TEAM!

ps, the end of the video is very promising!!!


Ah crap im DJing tomorrow night so gonna have to wait til next week to install :frowning:



What an amazing massive free upgrade - with big hints at even more new features.

It’s a big poke in the eye for pioneer. They had some “A - number something” overpriced mixer release this week for thousands of pounds and Denon DJ have just completely overthrown that already unimpressive release “news” with this sparkling free update landing several of the most-sought after, most wanted user requests for features, and it won’t cost Denon DJ Prime owners a cent.

( Ps: I give it til midnight before someone disgruntled replies with “all these new little features are worthless to me, what happened to my own personal very very important desire for my ffff feature ??? Wahhhh ) lol



The touch pad FX at the end, wow… that will be unreal.


Awesome!!! You know how to celebrate my birthday :tada::tada::tada:


Boom, go team :muscle::muscle::muscle:


YES!!! That end tease though! :joy: This is super exciting guys!!! Engine has now, officially hit its stride! Thanks for these features!


Drop everything and run home… no matter what you do! :dizzy_face: :running_woman: :running_man: :running_woman: :running_man: :man_running:


What a cool update, Engine just gets better, well done Denon team :grinning: :clap: :clap:


Happy Birthday Engell :gift:


What a day to be off work! Sat on my easy chair, scrolling through y’all postings, and this announcement just appeared. So much to get my head around, but the sampler is the killer. My work around was a pain in the neck! Going to check it out now and see what’s going on. Just hope nothing freezes up or goes haywire in the process.


Such a nice present for me :smiley: Thanks m8!!


Happy Birthday @Engell! :birthday::notes:


You guys know how to celebrate I must say :smiley: Thanks from me to the team!

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Simon - Free at last (door burst) is getting rinsed on mine haha.

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OK, so anyone doing the update via their device I had to do the update on twice for it to take. Just a heads up!

Also would absolutely love the ability to move the sampler to the slicer pads as I don’t touch those but I do use the roll. Just throwing it out there!

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