Gobos/derbys not working in standalone

I have commented about this on an existing topic, but as I believe it is a huge bug/lack-of-functionality, I have decided to create a new topic. After finally getting my hands on a SoundSwitch micro DMX interface, I thought I could use engine lighting embedded into my prime go to have awesome light shows. Well, that didn’t happen. When I autoscript my tracks using the SoundSwitch software on my PC, and connect the SoundSwitch interface to the PC, which links it to my Chauvet Gigbar 2, everything works as designed. The derbys are moving, the laser is doing its pattern, the strobes are strobing. When I export the project to an SD card and try to use my Prime Go in standalone mode, my light show becomes extremely limited. There is no movement whatsoever. The pars are working the same as they do when connected to the laptop, but nothing else is. The derbys light up, to be fair, but they do not move at all. The strobes and the laser never turn on. This makes for a very static light show and renders my SoundSwitch subscription pretty useless. I’d rather keep my Gigbar in sound mode than use SoundSwitch with it. Apparently this has been an issue since the release of engine OS 2.0. Since I am a software developer, my assumption is that the Engine OS is unable to read the gobo settings. This should be a fairly easy fix, however I do not know the inner workings of engine lighting/SoundSwitch. I do hope that a software update containing a fix for this is released soon, as my SoundSwitch subscription is pretty much useless right now. But please, if I am completely mistaken, and this is already all supposed to work, point me in the right direction so that I could get my light show working. I realize this is a long post, and if you’ve made it this far reading it, thank you. I know that Denon listens to its community and even delivers features that its competitors don’t. This is the first time that I’ve had an issue with my Prime Go, besides this I absolutely love the unit. Hoping for a quick fix on this! :pray:

There are a few reports of movement not working since the V2 update and has been acknowledged by the support team.

Hopefully a fix will be out soon.

similar things happen to me… it doesn’t work as expected and in audio mode the lights look better than in DMX with autoscript…for now

I use moonflower type effects and had to manually set gobos & movements, they work when scripted, but engine lighting keeps crashing it did it 3 times last night until it wouldn’t reset on the 4th attempt.