Movements in Engine Lighting

Hello, everyone, following problem:

I created autoloops in soundswitch with Movement. However, the movements are not played back in Enginelightig. Everything is going great in SS.

What do you mean? If you use SoundSwitch on your PC to control your DMX lights, do you see the movements? On the other hand, if you use Engine Lighting, what happens?

Yes on the PC all Movements are Running.

On the Prime 4 the Movements are not Running

You mean when you connect your lights with the DMX dongle to the computer the movement’s are working but not with the prime 4?

Have you exported your soundswitch file to the source drive and selected it?

Yes, on the PC the Movements works.

The Showfile is export by Engine DJ and selected on the Prime 4. All Light are running ( colors, Dimmer, Position) but not only the Movements.

Try playing a song that has no soundswitch script or check in the menu I think it’s called overwrite Skriptes tracks.

I don’t have scripted tracks. I always use the Autoloops.

Try to export your soundswitch project to a new usb drive and choose it from the menu on your Dj gear.

You can export your project direct from Soundswitch.

I hav try this annd the Movements not work. Dimmer, Position and Colors are Working

In that case contact soundswitch directly to solve the issue quickly:

And don’t forget to post the solution here afterwards :yum:

I’ve got the same issue. All works during programming on PC but not when using Engine Lighting direct on prime 4. Annoying!

I’ve just heard from Liam at support about this. Apparently Engine DJ lighting has a bug at the moment and won’t support movement in lighting. A pretty big issue to release software with, but apparently it will be fixed in an upcoming update. This renders Engine DJ Lighting useless to me at this stage. But it will be awesome once fixed!

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I have a bug opened for it in January. It stopped working after V2.0.0.

I am having the same issue with my Gigbar 2. The only thing that’s working properly when connected to my Prime Go are the pars. The derby’s are “working”; they light up but no movement whatsoever. And the strobes and the laser never work. This is a big disappointment as I have had to wait for the micro dmx interface to be back in stock for over 6 months. Now that I finally have it, I can’t even use it properly. I’ll just have to keep my gigbar on the janky sound mode until this is resolved. By the way, it works perfectly fine when connected to my laptop. All of the auto scripted tracks work as designed, the strobes, the laser, and the derby movements. If this has really been an issue since the 2.0 version, I’m really not sure what is taking so long for it to be resolved. Please resolve this asap so that my soundswitch subscription isn’t going to waste. Thank you.