FW2.0+ W/ FW 1.6 does not auto assign channels for "on-air" and Cueing correctly

I’ve had this issue since the update to Engine-OS 2.0 and Fw 1.6… I’ve wait patiently for any news on it being fixed. I found an FAQ about this topic and it literally just says “make sure you’re up to date”

Well I’m on 1.6 on my 1800, and 2.2.1 on my players and it’s still happening… so what’s next?

Here’s a video: what am I doing wrong? (Denon 1800/sc5000 fw 2.0+ issues w/ deck assignment) - YouTube

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Is this with the preview-track-without-loading feature?

Do you have to press [Cue] on the respective channel to listen to the preview?

I don’t use the preview without load, but since it all uses engine connect, I’m certain that is broken as well. As you can tell in the video, it loads none of the higherlevel info. It won’t pull BPM, show on-air, or anything. I have to manually assign it each time.

I just checked. Yeah if I do preview without load, it just sends the audio over the Digital audio output and ends up in the master channel if the fader is up.

If I assign the channels manually it fixes it.

As stated in the vod. Player 1 goes to ETH1, and player 2 goes to ETH3, but I’ve tried every combination possible with no success.

so what do you do if player 1 goes into eth 1, and player 2 into eth 3, for a a1,b1,a2,b2 setup and it just doesn’t work?

One player will get assigned the wrong decks, the other nothing at all. every time. Doesn’t matter how it’s configured, always happens like this. didn’t start until after the Engine-OS 2.0 stuff

Check the mixer if Engine Connect is active and functioning. Check network cables. Also check the mixer firmware version. OS 2.x cooperates with a newer mixer firmware, although for the X1850 it has been pulled atm.

Eth number dictates the layer A channel number. It has been like this since the beginning. If you still have issues with the auto assign, it might be a defective ethernet switch in the mixer.

Either way: contact support if need be: Support | Engine DJ

I’m on fw1.6 on the mixer I’m on 2.2.1 on the devices engine connect is set to auto player 1 in eth 1, A to Ch1, B to ch2. plater 2 in eth 3, A to ch3, B to ch4.

all this worked perfectly before the update, does not work after. Can’t rollback now since my library is all on 2.0

Here’s a vod of exactly what happens

Weird stuff. I have also have a SC5000 set with X1800 mixer, but not connected to test with as I use a SC6000 set with X1850 atm.

In the mixer Utility under System, is Engine Connect perhaps set to Manual instead of Auto?

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nope. It’s set to auto. Also tried a restore to defaults and re-flashing the firmware again. Same issues. I’ve had this ever since upgrading my config to the Engine 2.0 stuff.

I do notice the track preview stuff isn’t going to the cue channel properly on the latter firmwares, and tends to favor certain channels. I have to move the other faders up to half to force it to the cue channel or just move the cue over temporarily.

Hey @GeneralTsoLIt - This seems like something best discussed with our technical support team. If you’d like for me to connect you feel free to DM me your contact info or you could get in direct contact with them via Support : Denon DJ and create a ticket. Either way, happy to help!

Got the same problem here!!! Manual or auto connect, high quality cables…. Nothing works, after several re-boots maybe. It’s embarassing, cause this isn’t a glitch, it starter after the 2.0 update and it’s on every start-up. Club owners and cdj users laughing or being mar is the last thing a serious DJ needs. And the most awkward thing is, it happend between sets also!!! I’m disappointed and have to acknowledge Thatcher these players aren’t they supposed to be. For me a löss of money and reputation built! :expressionless::face_holding_back_tears:

Got the same issues General!

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Hey @MrMack - Sorry to hear you’re having the same issues. As mentioned, please create a ticket via Support | Engine DJ and our team will be happy to help.

Hey Anthony.

I made a ticket with support in June… There hasn’t been a fix or any mention or acknoledgement of this issue from InMusic…

Can we please get an update on this? This is still happening on the newest player versions, and the mixer hasn’t gotten any updates…

what’s the deal? Are we just not getting a resolution on this?

I rolled my x1800 back to 1.5 and it seems to resolve most the problems. I get an issue with the player not “finding” the mixer from time to time now, but it seems to be much more reliable then fw1.6 on the mixer. Even though 1.5 isn’t supposed to be compatible with Engine OS 2.0, it seems to work mostly fine.

At the very least, my players assign themselves to the proper channels on boot, so I’m fine with that.