For all active Denon Gear Resolume Users in 2023 / 2024 lets come together!

As Resolume is still a niche with Denon Users and some Topics gone through the years i would like to see to collect all active Resolume Users who are working with Denon Gear at the moment to come together and share their experience and help each other out.

Maybe an Discord Server could be a nice option as well.

You are also welcome to share your setups and workflows!

So welcome and have some fun! :slight_smile:

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I’m wanting to use but the Prime 4+ isn’t supported yet. Once it is I’ll be back to share thoughts

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I do think it is really a niche thing. Honestly i am not even sure how many even use Soundswitch Pro with DMX in general, which would be the natural step before Resolume. But why not sharing the experiences together how to use it.

The main missing part for me is right now something that makes it easy to switch a new loop with effects, with every new song. I know i can asign a video to a certain song, but its still a quite manual process. The Goal for me is a standalone play solution like SS is providing. Right know my base setup are three screens on my ceiling. The picture is split onto these three scrrens and two screens behind the DJ that show the whole picture each.

I remember in the officially Resolume Forum there was a Thread about exactly that problem with using loops instead of syncing to specific songs.

Just this One Song to One Video Concept was the biggest Error from the beginning.

and i remember there was one guy in facebook who knew somebody had achieved exactly that. Sadly i dont remember that guy. Yes i know not very helpful :smiley: - but at least i can tell you that its possible! If i will find out i will post it here for everybody to reproduce. If somebody else does hes welcome to share it as well.

Would be super nice if there is a way. I will go into the Resolume thing for NYE. Over the holidays I will look for a solution. But let’s see. Will also update if I found a working set up

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i created some general guide about the things i found out, maybe this helps someone here


i had a short look. I will check it more detailled when i find some time.

But thanks for creating and sharing in any case!

well done!