Firmware update 1.5.1 bricked prime 4

I updated my Prime 4 to 1.5.1 via USB connection to my mac. Everything was going fine until I looked at the display and it had loaded to the starting screen but nothing on the mixer was on or working. I get a Prompt saying the mixer failed to come online. I selected the UPDATE FW option. It goes to the FW update progress screen but no progress is made. It then suddenly loads back to the initial start up screen (where you select what drive you want to use.) I can’t put it back into FW update mode because I cannot get to the utility screen. Long story short my Prime 4 is bricked. Help would be greatly appreciated.

There are several threads on the forum saying how to force a firmware load of the older firmware to get the prime 4 working again then trying the ulgrade firmware again. Have a forum search to get up and running again

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