Firmware for STM32F401 from TWPC19C003A01

Hello. On my Denon SC6000 all control except sensor screen was lost. We found that STM32F401 microcontroller on TWPC19C003A01 Function PCB is burned. We want to replace it but need to have a firmware. Is there a way to get this firmware or buy a microcontroller with firmware on board?

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Is your Denon SC6000 a DJ performance deck or some home hifi separate ?

it’s used in nightclub but without really strong performances with hot cues and other stuff.

What a strange question…?

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Will it not take a firmware update via USB cable? The downloads are on denons website but I don’t know if it already has to have a low level OS to work with those or not. There is also a website that sells parts but it would most likely be the entire board not just a specific chip

I’ve never ordered anything from them but got the link somewhere else on this forum

I’m not sure that it’s a part of engine OS. is someone has such experience or sure that it it then i can try. instrumental parts has a PCB but doesn’t have a microcontroller. but it will be available in 3-4 weeks after order.

Most djs send it off for repair so we are hoping you can add some info as far as repair goes. I have sc5000s and so far no problems but if I have an issue that’s probably what I’ll try since my units are from summer of 2019 and well out of warranty

the thing is that currently there’s no official service center in our region

hello, all the controls on the decks send midi events,and i think all these events are managed via STM32F401. in Denon firmware and if your gear is no more covered by warrantly you can extract rootfs and take dfu file from /usr/Engine/Firmware.

SC6000 seems to be JP13 product name

In addition you may have a jtag/swd connector on board, allowing you to diagnose chip


how have you extracted it?

you can follow this guide : How to extract the 2.6 rootfs img from the update.img · TheKikGen/MPC-LiveXplore Wiki · GitHub

It’s the same way …


may i ask you to send me given folder archived because i’m going step by step by this manual but after XZ file with 7zip I get update.img with just 4mb.

ok its because there are multiple partition in the file. search for the indicated hex value in all the file, you’ll see the header multiple time. try to remove contents before first header the first time, if it’s not ok, do it again with second one , and continue. One time will be good. if you dont succeed i’ll send you the files.

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i’ve done it by mpcimg utility. now i have a rootfs file for ~500 mb. what’s the next steps? how to get the folders structure as on your screenshot?

Open it with 7zip :wink:

thanks a lot, finally i’ve managed. i get a rootfs on my mac and different archivers for macos couldn’t open it. but it worked.

will check if there’s a bootloader of given microcontroller there

oki, maybe if you are on mac, you can open a term and try to mount 500mb img to a folder with mount command.

got the microcontroller, tried to work with dfu file. it’s not applicable for programmer. maybe you have any ideas hoq to upload a firmware to controller?

going to copy firmware from working deck. let’s see if it helps. if someone has any other idea pls let me know