Failure to update Firmware Can't access Utilities menu

Had an issue when I turned off the two sc5000M players. They shut down funny. the next time i booted up the Right player, it acted like the firmware went bad. it would not play music. it kept giving the error: The Following Peripherals did not come online during boot Sc5000m Controller (00.29) Click on Update FW or Ignore. when rebooting the player would not go into the normal Mode. so I could not get to the Firmware update Menu. I did some research and found these, both of these seem to work.

Power OFF the SC5000 PRIME. Connect a USB cable to the SC5000 USB OUT port and the other end to an available USB port on your computer. On the SC5000 press and hold MEDIA EJECT + SOURCE + LAYER . Power ON the SC5000 PRIME while holding the 3 button combination above. Release the power button but continue to hold the 3 button combination until the splash screen appears with a microchip icon in the lower center of the display.

While the unit is powered on, press and hold the Power button on the back until the display goes blank. You may still notice the logo displayed on the jog wheel, this is normal. Once the screen is blank, release the power button and wait for the Denon DJ SC5000 to boot back up again.

The first one helped me correct the issue. I then updated from my PC. worked great. wanted to share incase someone else experiences it.


Nobody else replied so thanks for sharing. As I have my first gig with my set up tonight, tips like this are very valuable :pray::blush: