Fader Control

Is there any practical way to prevent the lighting from stopping when dropping the fader to speak during a track? Every time I introduce a track or make an announcement I plunge the room into darkness.

Seems you would want the same feature as this user: Lighting for a line channel on the Prime 4 - with difference that he needs the Prime4 to listen to line/phono inputs as a mic for Hue while you would need for Prime4 do the same thing but for mic input on the device.

If the Prime4 can process the microphone inputs (like applying FX) it could be possible from a hardware point of view but I would not hold my breath to be added, seems like a big addition to the lightning part of EngineOS would be needed.

You could try the old fashioned way if you dont mind losing a channel of plugging the mike into a layer channel say channel 4. Then you will have the upfader on the mike so lights should still react.


Or try leaving fader up and using the talkover button.

Or try turning chanel gain volume down when using mike rather than killing fader

Not fond of the talkover button, even on its fastest setting, it has an awkward lag before returning to volume. Definitely not going to use the gain pot, it would be too easy to miss returning it to its previous position.

You can pause the light show and then start to talk without music. The lights will stay where they where when pressed the Stop button.

You can try to activate a static look as well before talking.