Lighting for a line channel on the Prime 4


I wanted to ask if there’s a way to get the Lighting to react to a line-in channel on my Prime 4. Based on my short test, my Hue lights only light up if the track is running on the Prime 4 and not if I play an external sound source plugged in via line on the mixer.

Use the Hue app on your phone set to listen to microphone and place it close to speakers. It will basically do the same thing that Prime4 would do if that feature is possible.

I guess you want to mix external inputs together with Prime4 tracks and you want lighting to be non-interrupted so I’m not sure that can be accomplished using this workaround but it’s better than nothing.

As above…

Try @SlayForMoney workround

This does only work for hue lights. If you wanna controll DMX with soundswitch, this feature would be useful aswell.