External recording with Tascam dr 40 -x on denon prime 4+

Greetings to the whole community. Since it does not have a rec output, I have connected the Denon Prime 4+ through the master out output to the Tascam with rca to xrl cables. I don’t really know how I have to configure the recorders or if I have to add a limiter so that it doesn’t saturate. Generally I don’t usually go above 0dbs on the prime. Maybe someone uses this system here and they can help me. A cordial greeting .

Un saludo a toda la comunidad. Al no disponer de salida rec , he conectado a la denon prime 4+ por la salida de máster out a la Tascam con cables rca a xrl. No sé muy bien cómo tengo que configurar las grabadora o si tengo que añadir limitador para que no sature . Generalmente no suelo pasar de 0dbs en la prime . Quizás alguien utilice este sistema aquí y puedan ayudarme . Un cordial saludo .

I will help you by saying that you should not be recording from Beatport or any streaming music service.

From Beatport terms & conditions (edited for clarity):

18. Prohibited Uses of Content.

You may not play and then re-digitize any Streams. YOU MAY NOT UPLOAD STREAMS TO THE INTERNET.


I rephrase my question

OK well if you’re not trying to record streams, then you can use the onboard recording option in Engine OS on the Prime 4+. There’s no need for external recording.


Thanks . Thank you very much for your quick response. My intention is not to disrespect the artists or the community. um greeting

Hi Iker,

maybe i can deliver some answers in context to your question.

I also run the rca master out as rec out to my soundcard. In this case i have rca to jack. I also use the booth xlr out, direct xlr into my soundcard sometimes, it depends on the setup.

In general for me its better, if i can control the rec out level independent from the master out - anyway, you can use every P4 output to your device.

I level the rec out and the record input of my soundcard, so there are about 10dB headroom. I process it later to 0dB.

I don’t use a limiter in any way, if you keep an eye on the linelevels and an ear to the loudness it works well.

Hope it works out for you!



You did’t disrespect! Some just overreact.

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Thank you very much for your time and your advice. I’m having some problems with tascam. I’ll try reelop tape anyway. I haven’t found everymix box anywhere. Any other device? Greetings and many thanks.

You don’t need to use an external recording device. The Prime 4+ has recording built in.

Meaning me, presumably. Don’t be shy.

His original post implied that he wanted to record from Beatport streaming, which is not permitted. It’s not an overreaction to clarify the terms and conditions of the service.

Me shy? No way.

What do you mean by his first post? This one on top of this threat?

Yes, he edited the post after I replied, and removed the reference to Beatport.

The only thing wrong with recording internally is the extremely low volume, which Denon expect us to correct by using third party software to normlaise the recording once it’s made.

Many users have requested that the level be increased (which Denon have done on their older gear after complaints) but it’s not happened. There was also talk of a normalise option being provided for post recording use - again not happened yet.


Maybe this is not clever to post from him, but it can be discussed whats technically possible.

I think that was his question. On this tech forum.

Even if you would record from tidal for your personal use is not illegal. But a record company can sue you for that- that is something totally different!

When you name those terms, whats the point? No matter what service or purchase any of us use here. We are not allowed to play them in public, none of them.

You are not permitted to record from streaming services. Period.

This is why the recording function is disabled in DJ software/hardware when using these services.

What’s the point? The point is that those are the terms and conditions of using the service, which you agree to when you sign up.

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You need an external device if you want to record while using Engine Remote Library, i.e. playing mp3s that you own, hosted on your laptop. That’s a perfectly legitimate need which isn’t served by the inbuilt recording function for some reason.

The fact that getting that working would also allow you to record when playing from streaming services is neither here nor there.


Wow, it’s amazing the excuses people can come up with!

First of all, no mention was made of anyone wanting to use Engine Remote Library in this thread.

Second, if you want use your Prime 4+ with a computer, why use Engine Remote Library when either VirtualDJ or Serato can be used - and they have recording options (and many other advantages)?

You’re just creating scenarios in order to disagree with me. :man_shrugging:

Hey, I think the issue is that the Tascam is meant to be used on record RCA outputs that have a 0dbv level, you have it connected to master XLR which is “hotter”.

Check if Tascam has some pad attentuator options to limit the input signal or get some 2xRCA-2xTS jack (1/4") cable and connect it to master RCA output, that one should have lower signal level on the same position of the master knob.


I can’t tell if that’s a form of virtue signaling, or it just really bites to be in the UK and misery loves company.


Odd to call it “extremely low”, rather it’s just lower than something that hasn’t already been normalized. It records at the exact same level as shown on the channel meters (or master meters if the master volume is set to unity) given the top LED equals -1dBFS, assuming an internal limiter is set to that or off.

The 4+ also has Master unbalanced and adjustable Zone & Booth outputs, but as PKtheDJ said, I also don’t get why the OP doesn’t just record internally. Lot less hassle.

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Virtue what? I had to go and look that one up!

It’s not virtue anything. It’s a statement of fact. As I said, recording from streaming is disabled for a reason.

I called the recording level low, because that’s what it is. I’m not the only one asking for it to be increased either, so there must be lots of odd people, eh?

As I also mentioned, Denon have actually seen sense in the past and provided an option to raise the level. I think it might have been the MCX8000.

Atomix have also provided a way to raise it when using the Prime stuff with VDJ. They must be odd too I suppose.

Oh, wow, I was not aware of that.

Technically in other countries, like the USA, it’s a non-binding issue for the users, but if the hardware manufacturer has some agreement with the service that stipulates functionality (or lack of), obviously that’s a different story.

The other thing the OP can do is, if they’re not opposed to bringing a laptop, use the USB to record into the computer.

The same thing is behind the disabling of stem separation in DJ software from Tidal and (more recently) Apple Music. The streaming services have to comply with what the artists/labels want, and that then trickles down to the software.