External recording with Tascam dr 40 -x on denon prime 4+

One nice thing about recording with the Tascam DR-40 is that it offers various recording modes, and the 4 Channel Mode is interesting, because it allows you to record two files at the same time: One from the external inputs and one from the built-in mics, with all the atmosphere and crowd noise, the applause … Two stereo recording files are created. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is useful for post-production, we can mix or isolate the two recordings as needed and add a layer of depth and authenticity to the recorded set. I often like it if some of the energy of the live audience is included. :blush: :sparkles:

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You cannot do that if you are using the Prime gear in standalone mode.

The USB sound card on the Prime all-in-ones is totally non-functional when the unit is playing off a thumb drive or streaming service?

Yes, obviously when standalone, the audio interface is being used - by the onboard OS.

You’re just creating scenarios in order to disagree with me. :man_shrugging:

Amazingly confidently wrong here. Recording while using Engine Remote Library was specifically something I was excited about when it was released - I don’t want to “play with a computer”, I want to access my library without shuttling SD cards around. I have zero desire to use other software, but I am well-documented here in my desire to play on the controller without a laptop present.

You are disagreeing with the OP’s desire to record from streaming services, which is understandable, but the fact that you think there’s no need for external recording does not make it a fact. This thread will come up in future search results so it’s worth being accurate and helpful rather than trying to pretend its never valid.


You don’t want to play with a computer. You want to play without a laptop.

…but you want to use Engine Remote Library…which runs on a computer.

How does that make sense?

By the way, it’s not my fault if Denon don’t allow recording when using Engine Remote Library.

Go moan at Denon.

I think at this point you’re being wilfully obtuse, but I’ll explain how it makes sense just in case.

I have a computer running Engine. It’s on all the time. It’s where I do music prep (tagging, beatgrids etc).

In another room I have my Prime.

I want to go to my Prime and record a set without shuttling physical media back and forth.

That’s it.

Again: the fact that you can’t imagine this use case is your failing, not mine.

By the way, it’s not my fault if Denon don’t allow recording when using Engine Remote Library.

Hang on, you’re not Ian Denon in disguise? I’ve been wasting my time!

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Again, this is your own choice. If you haven’t fitted an internal drive, you’re not using large enough USB storage etc. then that’s down to you.

You’re putting yourself in that situation by making those decisions. Nobody’s forcing you to use Engine Remote Library.

Fully agree on your post.

Also, would be great if EngineDj and EngineOs remember paired devices and disable the annyoning message asking to authorize every time you would connect to laptop. How about an “remember device” option on authorization popup?

Any Denon developers use his own software on a daily basis?.. so many bad basic UX decisions.


How about an “remember device” option on authorization popup?

Oh man I am absolutely with you here. They’re so close to getting it right - Im keeping everything crossed.

Again, this is your own choice.

I mean . . . yeah? It absolutely is my choice. Just like shunning an external recording device and having to write physical media like a man from the past is yours. Difference is, I have no problem with you doing you, whereas you seem to think me doing me is an abomination unto the lord?

If you can bring more than “you’re wrong to want this” then I’m game for a conversation, otherwise I’m too old and boring to continue this tit-for-tat.

Man buys standalone product, and claims that he doesn’t want to use a computer.

Man then connects product to computer, because he refuses to use methods required for standalone operation.

:man_shrugging: :rofl:

Guys, be nice to each other here. :purple_heart:

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Agree to disagree even if you don’t agree to the disagree. :relieved:


Please sir, he started it.


I can’t find ordinary ASIO or CoreAudio options possible on the Prime all-in-one units in the manual, and instead seems restrictive. There seems to be a kind of turnkey audio input to the unit from the computer when using software like Serato and the latest versions of Virtual DJ. In that arrangement, the all-in-one unit appears to be functioning with the hardware mixer fully in controller mode and doing the mixbus within the computer software, not external mixing. There further seems to be no apparent USB audio out capability to the computer at all when in controller mode. Is that assessment all correct?

Is there DVS mode, and if so, is that the only time USB audio (in this case, the timecode feed) goes from the Prime 4+ to the computer?

thank you all for your answers